Rain Boots

Rain Boots

The Search for Stylish Rain Boots

If you live in a damper climate, there's one fashion essential you won't want to forget - rain boots! You never know when you're going to get caught in a downpour!There's just one problem, though. There are few rain boot choices available for the fashion-conscious. So, what do you wear in wet weather?

Wellington Boots

The humble wellie hasn't enjoyed much of reputation as a fashion essential in the past. Designed for function rather than fashion, Wellingtons have always been the boots you tucked away at the back of the closet and wore only in the worst weather.

Until now, that is. In the past year or so, the Wellington boot has undergone something of a renaissance. Gone are the dull greens and mud browns of the past. Suddenly Wellington boots are fun, funky, and fashionable. Colorful, patterned wellies are everywhere you look. Target, for example, has dozens of pairs, ranging from the traditional Wellies we all recognize to a selection of bright new styles.

Even the less colorful styles still have their uses. It all depends on what you choose to wear them with. Remember Kate Moss's appearance at The Glastonbury Festival last year? She wore a pair of tiny hot pants with big, black wellies and managed to make her rain boots look like the very epitome of style. If you can tuck your jeans into Uggs or Cowboy Boots, then why not tuck them into a pair of Wellingtons?

What Not To Wear in the Rain

While rubber rain boots are the best option for very rainy days, it's not difficult to work out what you definitely shouldn't wear in wet weather. Suede boots can look super-stylish, but get them wet and they'll never be the same again. Colors run, the suede gets stiff, and a great pair of boots get ruined. Save those suede knee-highs for drier days!

Leather is also a poor material to wear in wet weather. While a good, tough leather will wear far better than suede, it can also become water-marked and ruined if it gets too much of a soaking. There are several products on the market which will help waterproof leather. However, if you have a special pair of boots which you really don't want to see ruined, it's probably safest to keep them dry and use a less-expensive pair as your rain boots.

Alternative Rain Boots

If you really can't face wearing a pair of wellies, don't worry. Style Bakery has created a rain boot you really won't be ashamed to be seen in. A cross between a Wellington and a cowboy boot, these rubber boots have a pointed or square toe, plus a small heel. This makes them both fashionable and functional. The company also sell "rain skimmers" - a waterproof, rubber pump which looks as unlike a Wellington boot as anything you'll find!

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Rain Boots