Redneck Boots

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What are redneck boots? One can imagine they are the heavy footwear worn by rednecks. Although the term redneck was once a neutral expression used to describe persons whose neck, through perpetual work-related exposure to the sun, was continuously red tinged, the word "redneck" has now evolved into a more derogatory sense. A "redneck" has become the term widely applied to persons in Southern or Ozark regions who are at best blue collar and perhaps employed within the farming and trucking industries. In fact, the term is one of the most common stereotypes applied to these Southerners.

Applying the Term Carefully

LoveToKnow does not promote the usage of slanderous or pejorative terms that cause hurtful feelings or attack the sensitivities of certain races and economic or social classes. When you are on the internet searching for redneck boots, be aware that Tennessee wheat farmers probably have better things to do with their lives than sit on their porches drinking "moonshine", count their teeth and talk about the squirrel population. Although some stereotypes exist for a reason, glossing over a party's inadequacies is likely to get you harshly kicked by a pair of sturdy redneck boots.

Characteristics of Redneck Boots

Although few boots are actually sold under the title of "Redneck Boots", more than likely because the persons purchasing said boots would prefer not to be reminded of their social standing, the main characteristic of redneck boots is that they are sturdy. In fact, the stereotypical redneck is usually hard at work in the fields or behind the wheel of a large truck. Hence, he needs stalwart footwear.

Redneck boots are similar to common boots or even certain styles of hiking boots. Rednecks work and hike just like the rest of us, so why would their footwear be any different?

However, one large disparity exists between the redneck population and the fashion culture. Stereotypical rednecks usually can't afford designer labels. Their boots may look like Timberlands, but chances are their shoes are just not-so-clever knock-offs.

Moreover, redneck boots are likely to be well worn. Whereas certain people may buy boots for the comfort and casual nature of the shoe, rednecks wear their boots for hunting, hiking, exploring, drinking, stumbling around after drinking, lying on the curb after drinking, or lying in a puddle of swill after drinking. Hence, if you're attempting to dress up like a redneck for your neighbor's Halloween party, the surest sign that you're playing the part poorly is if you show up with a brand new unscuffed pair of boots. Try tromping around in a dank forest for a good day or two before showcasing your boots or you won't fool anyone.

The Cowboy Boot

Some people think cowboy boots are the surest sign of a redneck. However, cowboy boots have become pretty major accessories in the fashion world, and with designers like Frye showcasing their urban cowboy look on A-list celebrities, it's hard for the common public not to plunge into the trend.

Not all cowboys are rednecks. Not all rednecks are cowboys. If a cowboy lived in a trailer with his six-time divorced chain-smoking mother, then it is a possibility that this said cowboy would meet the redneck standard. But to assume that everyone with a Texas accent who wears cowboy boots is a redneck is indeed a dangerous assumption considering that this description meets the profile of many wealthy oil tycoons.

Where to Purchase

Hunting stores are an excellent place to purchase redneck boots. Hunting stores in backwoods Tennessee are even better places to purchase these boots. In fact, if you're shopping in a state that lacks a Neiman Marcus or Saks, you're probably in the right territory for these politically-incorrectly labeled boots.

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Redneck Boots