Sexy Christmas Shoes

Sexy red shoes

What Are Sexy Christmas Shoes?

When you hear someone refer to sexy Christmas shoes, the first thing that probably comes to mind is, "How can those three words be together in a single phrase?" Christmas shoes, however, aren't all plain white Keds with Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph and Christmas tree drawn in puff paint. They don't all have bells attached to the laces.

They're the shoes that make you feel good during the Christmas season. Sexy Christmas shoes can be fuzzy boots that make your feet feel toasty no matter how pink your cheeks are from the cold. If you're a formal party-goer during the festive season, they can be your favorite red heels that you wear with your flashy red cocktail dress.

The essence of sexy Christmas shoes is this: they're the shoes that get you into the holiday spirit. They're not a certain style, or a certain color. They're what the holidays mean to you.

If your idea of a good holiday is chopping down your own tree, dragging it through the snow, and curling up afterwards with a cup of hot chocolate, warm boots are probably your choice.

Do you prefer spiked eggnog and mingling with friends and hot strangers? Heels are definitely sexy Christmas shoes.

Sexy Shoes Designed for the Holidays

There are a few styles out there that are designed just for the holidays. You can find several at ​Od Girl.

Some may call these knee-high boots stripper shoes. Some just call them hot. Whatever you call them, they're bound to make a statement in the bedroom or on the town. They come in red, black, and green. Perhaps a bit more presentable in public, and arguably more festive, there are the Chunky Candy Cane platform shoes. Pair these with a short skirt and knee-high socks for a cute and sexy look.

A bit more on the naughty side, the classic maribou slipper makes a statement around the house. They come in black, red, white or pink.

Winter Boots for the Holidays

If warm, skid-resistant boots make you feel sexy and cozy, they are your ultimate sexy Christmas shoes. Consider these from Sierra Trading Post. They're a solid mix between fashion and functionality.

For something warm and sexily rugged, try the Frye Veronica Slouch Boot.

'Tis the season for textures, so you may want to try the Bridgeton from the North Face. It combines leather and velvet for a hot sexy holiday boot.

Non-Boots for the Holidays

Boots definitely have their benefits. They're warm. They're generally comfortable. They go with just about everything. You just can't wear them everywhere. For example, you may have one dress that goes well with boots for day, but needs an extra kick for night. That's where other sexy Christmas shoes come in.

Get a great deal on these Steve Madden To take festive to the next level, choose the red ones!

If you're a big fan of metallic accents for the holiday season, you may like the Blue by Betsy Johnson.

No matter which sexy Christmas shoes you decide to make your own, don't stress! Enjoy your holiday season.

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Sexy Christmas Shoes