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What Makes Sexy Shoes Sexy?

Color. Style. The little details. It's the little things in a shoe that make it sexy, just like it's the little things that make life worth living. Just make sure you can walk in your new shoes or you'll totally toss their sex appeal to the curb. Strut your sexy stuff in stilettos if you can. If you're not confident in spiky heels, try out a new pattern. A shiny, fiery red pump will do, too.

Types of Shoes

Sexy shoes come in a variety of styles. If you are looking for something to vamp up your look, try one of these on for size:


Feeling dull in your work attire day after day? Spice it up with a pair of sexy boots. If you're not on your feet all day, wear a black pair of stiletto boots with your trousers and jacket. Or, opt for boots with risqué details on the side that can't be seen because your pant legs cover them. It'll be like wearing a frilly bra and panty set underneath your clothes. Nobody can see them, but you know they're there.


This is quite possibly the sexiest type of shoe out there. Maybe it's because your foot looks nearly naked. Maybe it's because of the variety of heel sizes and shapes. Or the endless fashion possibilities. Either way, if you're looking for a sexy shoe, don't neglect the sandal display. Sandals go with everything.


Hellooooo, flirty girl! With shoes like this who needs false lashes? They'll do all the work for you. If you get a pair of platform espadrilles, they'll even make your calves look more sculpted.


Who says pumps are boring? Look for these in fiery red and you'll stop traffic. Pair them with an all-black outfit for instant va-va-voom. Bright pumps do for your feet what root booster does for your hair--amp up the interest.


One of the most quietly seductive moves a woman can do is let a shoe dangle carelessly from her foot. Slides beg you to hang them from your toes. It shows you're ready to kick them off and get down to business. Adventure, here you come!

Shoes to Fit Every Mood

Sexy shoes can go to the office, but there are also some appropriate for bedrooms only. Think of a red pair of slides with matching red marabou fur. There's not an outfit in the world appropriate to pair those with and wear to the office. Black boots blur the line. They can be sexy in the bedroom, on a date, for a girls' night out, or even for work.

Use caution when wearing sexy shoes. Your boss might not like it if you wear inappropriate shoes. You're also going to be getting lots of attention. You'll love it, though. Sexy shoes make you feel confident and ready to take on the world.

What to Wear With Sexy Shoes


Well, if your toes are showing, the most obvious thing is a pedicure. Choose a bright pink, orange, classic red, berry, or pale pink/peach with white tips. Scrub those heels and sculpt those nails into squared tips and you're ready to go. Almost. If you're showing too much foot and/or leg, try a gradual sunless tanner or a bronzing lotion to make your legs look sleeker and more defined--especially for summer.Unless you're wearing boots, leave the socks in your drawer. Please don't wear them with sandals. You'll make buses wreck and cause Earth to rotate backwards on its axis!

As for clothing, anything from a babydoll to a business suit wears well with sexy shoes. If, on a sexy shoe scale of one to ten, the shoe is a ten, you'll want to opt for wearing it for a night on the town instead of a day in the office. Pair boots or sandals with tight, dark blue jeans and a fitted top for a sex kitten look. Espadrilles with ribbons that wrap up the leg look best with a skirt that falls around knee-length. You can show off your calves; that's what adds even more to the sexiness of the shoe.

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