Sexy Winter Shoes

Michael Kors Winter Warrior Pump
Michael Kors Winter Warrior Pump

The Best of Sexy Winter Shoes

What is it about sexy winter shoes that makes you feel sophisticated, warm and completely alive despite the frigid air and the bleak gray skies? It's hard to put your finger on, but it's easy to find the shoes that will do it!

The Boots

Boots are always the epitome of sexy winter shoes. You can't claim to have the sexiest winter shoe wardrobe imaginable without an enviable selection of boots. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Any height goes. However, taller boots are best for keeping you warm. Try knee high boots for the optimal combination of comfort and warmth. If you're feeling a little wild, slip on a pair of thigh high ones.
  • Black's still big for winter; it didn't go out of style with the end of fall. Buy a good, no-fuss, low-heeled pair of black boots and you will thank yourself at least once a week throughout the cold times. As an added bonus, they'll still be in style next year. Black boots never fade from the fashion scene.
  • Jewel tones and rich shades are in this year, so if you're looking to splurge, find a textured pair with a wedge heels, in a color you wouldn't normally see on a pair of shoes. It's not tacky--it's trendy and fun--and that's what splurging is all about.

The Dressy Shoes

Unless you live in the south, you probably want to leave those stiletto sandals at home. You'll want them packed away, safe and sound, awaiting the first green leaves and hints of grass peaking from beneath the snow and icy sludge. If you're going to be walking outside a lot, opt for a stable, thicker heel as opposed to stiletto heels, unless you're going for really short stilettos. Even then, it's best to have the most traction you can get, and the most balance. The ground is soggy and slippery quite often, thanks to the nasty winter weather.

Sexy winter shoes aren't the same as sexy summer shoes, that's for sure! You can still look hot when it's cold outside, though. Just keep your safety in mind. One thing you could do, if you're dying to wear your tall, sexy shoes and it's nasty out, is put on some Uggs. Get to where you're going, and then slip on your dressier shoes.

Casual Winter Shoes

Sexy winter shoes in a casual setting are really simple. The point is to keep your toes covered so they don't freeze. While clogs and mules don't scream sexy, you may be surprised by some of your other options. Here are a few:

Where to Shop

Generally, everywhere from Payless to Nordstrom will carry sexy winter shoes. You can also shop online at the following locations:

Sexy winter shoes are everywhere. Just keep your eyes open for fun textures and colors, as well as practical styles that will last you for years.

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