Shoes for Problem Feet

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Proper foot health begins with wearing the right footwear, so shoes for problem feet are essential if you tend to suffer from painful feet on a regular basis.

Foot Conditions

If you begin to experience pain in your feet after wearing uncomfortable shoes for a couple of hours, that's one thing. If, however, you constantly deal with pain or soreness in your heels, toes or arch, you might be dealing with a problem that requires proper attention.

Many foot problems can develop over time, so slowly that you may not be aware of their existence until they suddenly - and quite prominently - make themselves known. From bunions and corns to plantar fasciitis, there are numerous conditions that impact the health of the foot. Unfortunately, these conditions may also make it very difficult to wear certain types of shoes. For example, women with bunions may find high heels with narrow toe boxes very uncomfortable. Over time, the problems become worse, and before you know it you're dealing with some very serious podiatric concerns.

Choosing Shoes for Problem Feet

The good news is that there many footwear brands that specialize in shoes for problem feet. Moreover, the shoes no longer resemble the clunky, unbecoming styles of old; today, more and more designers are creating shoes that unite the worlds of fashion and function. This means even the most trend-driven females in the world can likely find something that will treat their feet better than a pair of sky-high stilettos.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that impacts the heel of the foot. It occurs when the tissue around the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed. When it does occur, the pain can be quite intense. Fortunately, there are many shoes designed to relieve the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Orthaheel's comfortable slide sandals are renowned for their comfort and strong arch support. This support is imperative, because it helps to stabilize the foot and prevent future injuries. Other shoes to consider include the CrocsRx Relief line, which is designed to relieve pain caused by numerous foot conditions, and Naot's chic Mary Jane sandals, which mold to the foot and create a "bed" that gets more comfortable with every step.


Bunions occur when the joint at the big toe becomes inflamed. Over time, it can become quite exaggerated, and often the only solution is to undergo a surgical procedure. However, preventing the problem from getting worse can help relieve discomfort.

Cushioned shoes with wide widths are especially comfortable, because they prevent the bunion from rubbing against a tight shoe and growing any larger. Dress shoes from brands such as Klogs and Apex are excellent options, but a safe bet for everyday wear is a pair of comfortable sneakers.


Corns are not uncommon; they tend to occur when the shoe rubs against the toes. A simple pair of slides or flip flops worn over time will help reduce the problem, but during those moments when a regular pair of shoes is essential, consider a soft, stretchable shoe that molds to the foot instead of merely rubbing against it. The FootSmart Stretchies flat is a great option for this purpose.

When to See a Podiatrist

Though the temptation to slip into a pair of sexy high heels is fairly irresistible, there often comes a point where necessity trumps all else. While some types of foot pain are fleeting and caused by a rare instance of wearing ill-fitting shoes, there are other conditions that may develop unbeknownst to you. It's wise to seek the advice of a podiatrist if you begin to suffer sudden pain, either while walking, exercising or even while sitting, which can sometimes be caused by inflammation.

Where to Purchase

Once you know you need to seek out shoes for problem feet, you can take a more active approach to shopping for great styles that fulfill your needs and suit your lifestyle. Several stores specialize in comfort shoes, including:

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