Shoes with Good Arch Support

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If you suffer from problematic feet, you might find that shoes with good arch support are just what you need to get through the day in comfort.

Shoes That Provide Arch Support

While shoes with good arch support were once limited solely to sneakers and walking shoes, today there are many different styles available. No matter what type of shoe you favor, you can count on finding at least a few styles with this comfortable feature. Try these styles when your feet need a little relief:

Comfort Shoes

Reef: Reef carries a wide range of sandals with anatomical arch support for both men and women. Styles include flip flops and gladiator sandals.

Sorel: Sorel is known for its ultra-comfortable winter boots, but the company also carries a modest range of footwear perfect to wear around the house. Try their slides, made with recycled felt and filled with removable arch supports for extreme comfort.

Dress Shoes

Kenneth Cole: The high-fashion designer's Gentle Souls shoe collection is full of chic, elegant footwear, ranging from pumps to wedges. The entire collection utilizes flaxseed pillows, which are embedded into the footbed and contour to the foot's natural shape. Think of it as "memory foam" arch support for your shoes.Taryn Rose: If any company knows about healthy feet, it's Taryn Rose, which was founded by an orthopedic surgeon. All of the company's shoes contain substantial arch support, in addition to cushioning and breathable constructions.

Athletic Shoes

New Balance: Many of New Balance's sneakers feature their Stability Web, a structured arch support with a lightweight construction. It is just rigid enough to support the arches, and is ideal to wear while working out.Puma: Puma's ArchTec mechanism is based on the natural movements of the feet. It comes in especially helpful if the foot happens to move in such a way that might cause injury; ArchTec will help stabilize the foot and potentially prevent injury.

When to See a Doctor

Shoes with arch support can certainly be helpful, but they aren't miracle workers. If your foot pain does not improve or if you suffer from a condition that requires medical attention, such as plantar fasciitis or the development of sudden inflammation, don't rely solely on arch supports. See a podiatrist, who will be able to determine what the problem - and proper treatment - should ultimately be.

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Shoes with Good Arch Support