Extreme High Heels

Extreme high heels area a hot trend, and celebrities and fashion forward women are seen sporting them in a vast array of styles. The ultimate in a sexy shoe, high heels have incredible appeal. Not only do high heels instantly elongate your legs and slim your figure, designers are offering more delicious styles than ever before, making a great pair of heels hard to pass up. No wonder many women love high heels!...

80s inspired boots
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80s Inspired Heeled Boots

Super high heeled boots with metallic accents pair perfectly with the skinny jeans trend for a very 80s look.

Red shootie
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Extreme Shootie

Shooties are the rage, and shoe booties go extreme with details like bold color, unique accents like lace and rhinestones, and sky high heels.

Clear platform heels with rosettes
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High Clear Platform Heels

Sky high heels have taken on new meaning as high heel lengths continue to soar. Kitten heels just don't cut it when you want the ultimate in eye-catching footwear! A style like these mile high platform heels with rosettes can't help but get noticed.

High heeled stilettos
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Extreme Stilettos

While in years past three-inch heels were considered the ultimate stilettos, contemporary designers have introduced innovations such as hidden platforms that mean heel lengths can go higher than ever before. An ankle strap and pencil thin heels ramp up the sex appeal on a pair of elegant black and red stilettos.

Gladiator high heels on Amazon.com
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Lace Up Spike Heels

Not for the faint of heart, these are the ultimate in sexy lace-ups with 4-1/2 inch spike heel.

Leopard print peep toe shoes
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Sexy Animal Print High Heels

An animal print shoe mixes sexy and demure with a peep toe and extreme high heels.

Sam Edelman Women's Eleanor Dress Sandal
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High Heeled Sexy Sandal

A delicate sandal with sexy high heels is perfect for a special evening.

YH Pointy Suede High Heel Women's Shoes with Big Bowknot
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Pink and Pretty Extreme Heels

A pretty pink color, cute ankle ties, and super high heels make a perfect party shoe.

Oxford high heels
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Extreme Oxford High Heels

Extreme high heels take Oxfords from ordinary to exra sexy.

Z&L Women's Fashion Rhinestone Stiletto High Heels
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Flashy Sky High Heels

If you're going for extreme, emphasize high heels with details like colorful embellishments and a platform for extra height.

7-inch heel thigh high boots on Amazon.com
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Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots paired with a 7-inch heel are the ultimate in sexy high heel boots.

Fashion Stiletto Dolphin Lady Colorful Shoes Prime
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Unique Ultra High Heels

Although black and red are commonly thought of when it comes to extreme high heels and sexy shoes, there are many colors and designs in ultra high heels to choose from. So have fun expressing your indivuduality in your high heels!

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Extreme High Heels