Pictures of Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoe Pictures

The walk down the aisle may be one of the longest of your life, and you will want comfortable shoes for every step: these pictures of wedding shoes are just some of the classic and contemporary styles of bridal footwear that are popular for the wedding ceremony and the celebrating to follow.

Classic Heels

Classic, simple heels or pumps are one of the most popular types of wedding shoes. These types of shoes are readily available and will easily match any wedding dress. They are also sturdy and will provide secure footing over different types of terrain, no matter where your wedding takes place.

Designer Heels

Many brides opt for designer shoes to accompany the most expensive and elaborate dress they may ever wear. Elegant appliqué flowers, swirls, and patterns can be made to match the wedding dress for a coordinated, stylish pair of shoes.

Bridal Flip Flops

Beach wedding brides often prefer bridal flip flips for their stroll across the sand. Crystals, beads, flowers, and other fun accents can be added to flip flops for customized beach bridal footwear.

Lace Heels

Shoes covered in delicate lace are the perfect choice to wear with a lacy wedding gown. Thin heels are best with lace shoes to preserve their elegance and femininity from every angle.

Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are a popular choice for many brides. Available in a wide range of styles, these shoes can be both comfortable and beautiful for any wedding style.

Pearl Accents

Pearls are traditional on a bride's wedding day, and adding pearl accents to a simple pear of open toed shoes gives them an instant bridal flair. Crystals, beads, and lace are other popular choices.

Silver and Strappy

Strappy sandals come in many varieties, and some brides prefer shoes with thinner straps and crystal accents. The key is to choose a pair that you are comfortable wearing; if you have never worn strappy heels, thin straps may be more uncomfortable and difficult to walk in.

Ballet Flats

Simple white ballet flats or low heels are the perfect choice for any bride who is not comfortable walking or dancing in heels. Brides with foot problems may also want to consider these simple styles for a full day and evening of celebrating.

Vintage Boots

Vintage wedding shoes, lace boots, and antique slippers are perfect choices to accompany a vintage wedding dress. Before choosing vintage shoes, however, inspect them carefully to be sure they can withstand not only the walk down the aisle, but also a full reception of mingling and dancing.

Touch of Color

Adding a touch of color to your bridal shoes with a toe bow or accent ribbons is a fun way to coordinate with the bridal party dresses or colored accents on your wedding gown.

Themed Accents

Brides with a wedding theme may be able to coordinate their shoes with the appropriate decorative accents. Roses, butterflies, and hearts are popular crystal accents that can be added to most styles of wedding shoes.

Scalloped Edges

Brides who prefer a full shoe rather than sandals or open toes can choose elegant scalloped styles that have a beautiful feminine profile.

Wedding Boots

Designer white crystal-studded boots are perfect for a daring bride or a western wedding theme. Be aware, however, that tall boots may be warmer and more uncomfortable than traditional wedding shoes.

Dramatic Sandals

Brides who plan to show off their feet with a daring wedding dance or a shorter wedding dress may prefer dramatic sandals with crystal thong straps. Other options include silk or satin straps with crystal or gemstone accents.

Silver and Gems

Silver sandals are beautifully accented with a focal gem. This adds a bit of bling to the bride's footwear in an elegant and fashionable way.

Something Blue

For a fun twist on a classic wedding tradition, choose bold blue wedding shoes as your "something blue." Blue hues ranging from pastel, baby, or ice blue to rich navy, midnight, and sapphire blue are all exquisite choices.

Pamper Your Feet

Before slipping on your wedding shoes for that walk down the aisle, pamper your feet with a foot massage and pedicure to make sure they look and feel their best.

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Pictures of Wedding Shoes