Straight Lace Shoes Gallery

Casual Straight Laces

Casual straight lace sneakers pair perfectly with denim. Keep them neat for a classic sporty feel.

Straight lace shoes can make a statement! Straight, also called bar, laces are one of the more popular types of lacing patterns. A step up from the traditional criss-cross method, bar lacing is a bit different and can look great with a large number of shoes. Standard straight lacing is done by feeding laces through underneath the tongue and each side of the lace creates a virtual rectangle, skipping an eyelet then feeding through to go straight across. Simple bar lacing is done by feeding one side of the lace through the side and the other lace alternating in a straight line across and under for each eyelet.

European Straight Lacing

European straight lacing is a method that combines bar lacing with a zig zag pattern underneath for a unique look.

Classic Bar Lace Dress Shoes

Bar lace dress shoes are a classic to project a professional image. For dress and professional shoes, you can achieve a clean, polished look with by using straight laces.

Bi Colored Straight Lacing

Bi colored straight lacing on shoes use two different colored shoe laces for a cool and funky look.

Cool Canvas

Easy straight lace canvas shoes are casual and fun. For sneakers, athletic, and casual shoes, you can leave the straight laces loose for an ultra casual and edgy feel.

Unique Straight Side Lace Shoes

Casual leather shoes get an unsual twist with straight side lacing.

Kids Straight Lace Shoes

Straight lace kids shoes can be easy to slip on and off for little ones.

Rugged Bar Lace Shoes

Rugged shoes go cool and casual with straight laces.

Black Pumps with Laces

Black pumps are versatile enough to go from day to night with crisp straight laces and a cute bow.

Straight Lace Boots

Colorful above the ankle length boots get a kick with bar lacing.

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Straight Lace Shoes Gallery