There's Just Something Magical About Slippers

The magic isn't just in the ruby "click your heels three times" slippers, either. Slippers are usually comfortable and they exude an old school fashion if you choose the right kind. Slip them on effortlessly and enjoy the exoneration from tricky straps and four-inch heels. Enjoy them in fur and foam, in flashy red, in ballet styles, or even just the bedroom shoe style. Either way, your feet will love the break from stilettos and pointy-toed designer shoes that look so good but feel so painful.

Indoor and Outdoor Types

  • Bedroom: From fuzzy and foam to those with Muppet Babies' heads on the fronts, bedroom slippers are the easiest thing to use to guard your feet from the shocking cold of a hardwood floor in the winter. They keep you toasty on Christmas morning with the help of long flannel pajamas.
  • Ballet: They're more than just the pale pink dance shoes these days. Flats inspired by ballet slippers make an excellent accent piece to capri pants, skinny jeans, mini skirts, and leggings. They aren't clunky at all, so they don't disrupt the slim line of your legs in figure-hugging pants. Choose black flats for fall to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn or Mary Tyler Moore.
  • Backless: These are the easiest to slip on, and look great with slim fit jeans, capris, and skirts. They actually resemble dressed up bedroom slippers and often come in satin material with decorative sequins or beads sewn on.
  • Whimsical: Little girls will love ruby slippers like Dorothy's in The Wizard of Oz. Heck, why leave them just to the little ones? Get your own ruby slippers in a more subdued, comfortable style. If you're feeling especially close to your inner child, or you're shopping for a little princess, look for clear, flat shoes in a tribute to Cinderella, and the hope that all dreams may just come true.

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