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Whether you're a fan of the pin-up craze or you just want something a little more modern on your feet, stiletto pumps can work for you. They take the old classic, pumps, and add an edgy, thin heel.

When to Wear Stiletto Pumps

Whenever you want! There is a time and a place for every kind of stiletto pump.

To Work

To look polished, professional, and avoid absolutely killing your feet, opt for lower heels (no more than two inches) and somewhat muted colors. Neutrals are good, especially when the heels will be eye-catching on their own. For best results, wear your work-friendly stiletto pumps with slacks or a long pencil skirt.

Out on the Town

Here, you don't have to be afraid of the color and you could opt for a taller heel than you'd usually wear to work if you'd like. Consider what you'll be doing all day, how stable the ground will be, and how used to wearing high heels you are. Don't shy away from snake- or leopard-print designs or hot pink. This is your chance to wear what you could never get away with at work. Stiletto pumps pair gloriously with slightly flared blue jeans that fall slightly below the base of the heel. Put on a fitted shirt, snug jeans in a dark wash, and your newest stilettos for a long-legged look that will turn heads everywhere you go.

In the Bedroom

Some of the more obvious fetish wear is perfect for the bedroom. You may not want to wear six-inch heels at work all day (ouch!), but you might be able to stand them as part of a costume or to pair up with your favorite teddy. Check out some of the patent leather styles, shoes with marabou accents, and those designs with tall, tall heels. Stiletto pumps in this setting make the perfect accent to a retro, pin-up look. If you're considering making your lover a pin-up calendar while they're away, these shoes are a must.

Find Yours Now-Online for Easy Shopping

Who doesn't like to look great with ease? Shopping online for stiletto pumps is easy. If you're not into shopping for shoes you can't try on prior to purchasing, take a look around your favorite department stores or shoe boutiques. Designer Shoe Warehouse and Off Broadway Shoes could have what you're looking for right there on the shelves. However, if you do love shopping for shoes online, here are a few sites to start with:

  • Super Sexy High Heels has stiletto pumps that range from classic to wild. The prices aren't for those who were looking for something cheap to be part of a costume one or two times; rather, these shoes are priced for those who want to get a lot of wear out of their pumps. Here are some of the styles they offer:
    • 3 Inch Black Patent Pump
    • 4.5 Inch Lace-up Pump in black or red/black combination (two separate listings on the site)
    • 4.5 Inch Pump in hot pink, neon green, neon orange, neon blue, and neon yellow
    • 5 Inch Lace-up Pump in black/white combination
    • 6 Inch Baby Doll Pump with Wide Strap and 1.75 Inch Platform, available in black and red
    • 6 Inch Pump with 1.75 Inch Platform, available in red, silver, white, and black
    • Plenty more! If you or your lover have a shoe fetish, this is a place you will definitely want to check out, though some of them may take some training to get used to (not many women can slip into a six-inch stiletto and wear them all day)
  • Shoe Fest offers a selection of elegant, sophisticated stiletto pumps. These would be seen with work attire, eveningwear, or on a night out where you want to look considerably chic. Prices vary by style and designer. Some of the designers they carry include:
    • Michael Kors
    • Michael Antonio
    • Biononi
    • Pompili
    • Vince Camuto
    • Jessica Simpson
    • Guess

    There is a wide range of styles on this site. Prices can go as low as $44.99, so you may find a bargain on the perfect pair of shoes.

  • Pinup Girl Clothing has a few styles of stiletto pumps, perfect for pairing with your pin-curls, pearls, and red lipstick. Here are a few designs they offer:
    • Pointed Toe Patent Pump with 3.75" Stiletto Heels
    • Sexy Gangster Babe Two Tone Eyelet Pumps
    • Sexy High Heel Platform Stiletto Pumps
    • Mary Jane Pumps
    • Sexy Open Toe Pumps with Contrast Trim

A Final Word

No matter why you want to buy and wear stiletto pumps-work, play, etc.-there's no doubt that there is a large variety of shoes to choose from out there. You can go for naughty and whimsical shoes that you may only wear clubbing or behind closed doors, or you could opt for total sophistication with an exquisite Italian pair.

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