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Toddler Fashion Boots

Pair of red toddler girl fashion boots
It doesn't get any cuter than toddler fashion boots!

Toddler fashion boots are widely available whether in stores or online. As the fashion industry becomes more impressed upon American culture, even children's clothing merchandise adapts to mirror adult trends. Hence, toddlers and small children will be seen wearing clothing and shoe items that are fiercely trendy in design. Though toddler fashion boots may be pricey, they look adorable on the diminutive feet of their wearers.

Why They're Wearing Them

Preschool is just the beginning of the fashion competition that most students will be subjected to all the way through high school. Class time isn't just for learning, unfortunately. It also includes time for a voracious battle between the "hip kids" and the kids whose parents just haven't had a clue.

What your toddler is wearing on the playground lays out a sad or streamlined path through his/her school days. Yes, children are mean. By equipping your toddlers with the latest fashions, shoes and accessories, however, you are giving them a leg up on the competition.

The students who wear the best frequently have the best time in school. Parents who keep up with youth trends are actually giving their children a better chance of fitting in with insecure and struggling classmates.

Cost Considerations

However, many parents cannot conceive of spending $50 or more on a pair of boots that their child will outgrow in possibly less than a year. Are toddler fashion boots necessary? Economical? Will enduring 14 years of schoolmate-induced ridicule still be a smarter decision regarding your child's future?

Thoughts on Choosing Toddler Fashion Boots

Once you've engaged in the age old debate regarding your child's fashion status versus your need to pay off your home loan, you can now start investigating some of the most stylish designers in the children's shoe industry. Most importantly, take a look around the playground when you pick up your child from school. What sort of shoes are the other children wearing?

Hone in on this thought.

Now, what sort of shoes are the toddlers who aren't getting habitually beaten up wearing? Chances are the children whose heads are perpetually being shoved into the concrete are not the models for what footwear your precious toddler should be wearing. Instead, pay close attention to the designer duds and shoes that are being worn by the egregious bullies.

Big Names in Toddler Boots

While shopping in the mall you may get the inkling that your child should be a trendsetter. This incentive is sometimes what fuels a happy high school future for your child. However, if your taste is poor or shaky at best, you may be setting your kid up for a lifetime of therapy.

Here are a few designers that are usually considered a "thumbs up" or at least a "pass" in the children's fashion industry.

Toddler Uggs

The world of fashion loves Uggs, and this sort of crazed affection for moon-boot-like footwear is what fuels the longevity of this striking style. Uggs are cute and fluffy, but more importantly, they have the ability to insulate your feet in subzero temperatures as well as being a comfortable boot choice for ordinary weather. Uggs look great when worn under or over pant legs, and no one can deny the cloud-like feel of their insoles. Walking in Uggs is like walking on mounds of cotton candy, and your child will feel the quality of these immensely popular boots while taking part in a seemingly timeless fashion craze.

Tiny Timberlands

Timberland is another big brand in toddler fashion boots. Although these boots do not hit anywhere close to the knees, children need quality boots to promote their outdoor activities and explorations. Uggs can be made water-resistant through a supplementary spray treatment, but Timberland boots are already made of a waterproof leather, making them a very versatile footwear choice for all sorts of weather. Soles are said to be flexible while providing ample support and traction. These boots are ideal for rainy school days and treks through the snow. They also come in fun colors for little boys and girls!

Where to Purchase

Department stores such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus will carry most of the big brands in toddler fashion boots. Many of these brands and styles will also be available from online vendors. For first time purchases, however, it is probably best to have your child fitted in-store.

Toddler Fashion Boots