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A sturdy, flexible pair of toddler shoes is imperative for youngsters. During these formative years in a child's life, the little one will run around, play, learn how to walk, attend preschool, learn to maintain proper balance and experience the general mishaps that occur during childhood. It is important to invest in a pair of high-quality shoes that will serve your child's activities and lifestyle well.

What to Look for in a Toddler Shoe

Podiatrists agree that several specific qualities should be considered when choosing footwear for your child. They include:

  1. Lightweight: The shoes should not be heavy and should not impede or conflict with the child's movement.
  2. Flexible: The shoes should not bind the child's foot uncomfortably, nor should they restrict mobility of the toes.
  3. Breathable: The shoes should be airy and constructed using natural materials, so as to allow the feet to remain healthy.
  4. Flat: The shoes should simulate a bare foot, and should not have any arch support.

Types of Toddler Shoes

A wide variety of toddler shoes exist. From practical to dressy to adventurous, there is a shoe type to fit the needs of all toddlers.

Velcro Toddler Shoes

Consider the busy lifestyle you already lead. Juggling family life with your other responsibilities is a chore indeed, but little shortcuts here and there can make your daily activities much easier. The smallest things can add up to plenty of time saved - including the types of shoes you purchase for your toddler!

Velcro toddler shoes are an ideal option for you and your child. Toddler laces are small and can often be difficult to tie, particularly if the toddler in question is not sitting still. In this case, consider Velcro as an alternative. These shoes slip on snugly and stay comfortably secure with the quick turn of a flap. They are, of course, also perfect for young children who have not yet learned to tie their own laces.

Toddler Sandals

Airy, lightweight, practical and, oh yes, very cute, toddler sandals are the ideal warm weather-shoe for your little one. These shoes offer a bit more versatility than sneakers. They wear easily from the playground to the mall and back home. Several well-known brands of toddler sandals exist, and they each offer protective features that make wearing the shoes a comfortable experience for the child. A few of the more popular brands include:


Specializing in earthy, rugged shoes for small children, Keen's shoes feature metatomical foot beds and patented toe protection, which allow the child's toes to move freely during wear. These shoes are ideal for the adventurous, energetic child who moves frequently and enjoys the outdoors in particular. In addition to the above features, several of Keen's toddler shoe styles also provide the following:

  • Protective toe bumpers
  • Waterproof webbed fabric and suede material
  • Abrasion-resistant heal overlays
  • Side straps to keep bungee-style laces in place
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Traction-patterned, strong outsole


These soft-soled leather toddler shoes provide comfort, support and style all at once. Robeez shoes are designed to accommodate the child's growing foot and support the early stages of walking. Based on medically sound advice that children wear only soft-soled, flexible shoes during their early years, the Robeez collection provides children with the protection and quality their footwear needs. The brand's extensive shoe collection features the following:

  • Strong, soft elasticized ankle band
  • Easily washable body
  • Cushioned, flexible, protective and breathable leather
  • Textured, skid-resistant suede sole


Pedoodles specializes in charming, unique shoes that place an original spin on classic designs. Elements like rhinestone studs, floral adornments, playful caricatures and natural materials make these toddler shoes highly appealing to youngsters and parents alike. The brand's line features the following characteristics:

  • Easy-to-maintain leather exterior
  • Patented PedFlex™ flat rubber soles (ideal for outdoor use)
  • Soft and flexible, with plenty of wiggle room for comfort
  • Expandable ankle entry system

Where to Buy

Toddler shoes are easily found at major retail stores. Affordable footwear is available at Target and Payless Shoe Source. Additionally, toddler shoes are also available online. Several specialty e-stores exist, including:

  • Pediped: Pediped's shoes are especially designed with your toddler's developing foot in mind. They offer a wide selection of styles and colors.
  • Crazy 8: A haven of baby and toddler products, this store offers a wide variety of toddler shoes.
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