Water Aerobic Shoes

water aerobics

Wearing the proper water aerobic shoes can protect your feet, increase your buoyancy and improve your stability while exercising.

Why You Should Wear Water Aerobic Shoes

Most people are aware of the many benefits gained from engaging in aerobic exercise. It can strengthen your heart, improve your lung capacity, burn fat and fight against obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Likewise, most people understand the importance of having the proper equipment when working out. Shoes are especially important to protect an exerciser from injuries such as shin splints, strained muscles and tendon tears. Just as a runner must own a pair of well fitting, proper shoes, people who engage in water aerobics should also invest in good exercise shoes.

Having the right shoes for water aerobics will protect your feet from rough pool surfaces or sharp and slippery rocks in outdoor bodies of water. They will increase your buoyancy and help you perform exercises. They will also improve your stability so you will be less likely to fall during an exercise class.

What to Look for in Water Aerobic Shoes

Look for the following qualities in your exercise shoes:

  • Quick drying fabric such as mesh and wicking neoprene
  • Soft insoles that cushion your feet
  • Removable interior that can be machine-washed
  • Shoes that are easy to slip on and off
  • Breathable fabric that doesn't get water-logged
  • Closed back shoes for better support
  • Shoes made from EVA, as this material increases buoyancy
  • Fabric that conforms to the wearer's feet for ultimate comfort
  • Shoes that add rag to your legs, thereby helping you build muscles and burn extra calories

Where to Find Shoes for Water Exercise

You can find shoes designed for water aerobics at most sports specialty stores, swim shops and major department stores. Speedo makes shoes for water aerobics. The Buoy Water shoe is made for both men and women and retails for approximately $35. These shoes are made from EVA, have a simple closure system and rubber treads for traction. They also conform to the wearer's foot. The Speedo Surfwalker is only $18 but doesn't provide the same support as the Buoy.

The Water Walker is a patented shoe that is designed to make you work your legs harder than you would if you were not wearing them. They come with a booklet and DVD full of suggested water-based exercises. Water walkers can be found at most swim specialty retailers.

Aquatic Fitness and Therapy Equipment Superstore is an online retailer of low impact exercise equipment. This site carries the AQx Aquatic Training Shoe or ATS. The ATS is a high end shoe that retails for approximately $90. The shoe has gills on it that are designed to add resistance to your training, burn more calories and build muscles in the hamstrings, quads, hip flexors and glutes.

For women only, there is the Ryka water shoe. Ryka shoes are made with narrow heels and wider fronts similar to the design of most women's feet. The Ryka HydroStep is available at Zappos for approximately $65. Zappos offers free shipping on returns so you can shop confidently and get the exact fit. You can also find the HydroStep at SwimOutlet.com. Despite its name, the Swim Outlet does not offer discounted prices.

Water Workout.com not only sells quality aquatic aerobic shoes from brand names such as Ryka, Avia and Speedo, the store also carries workout DVDs, books, CDs and flotation belts.

Keep in mind, a good shoe is critical to a good workout. No matter what kind of exercise you choose to do, the right shoe can keep you sturdy, steady and safe. Invest in shoes for water aerobics if you plan to work out in a pool.

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