Waterproof Boots for Women

Waterproof Boots

Waterproof boots for women have been instrumental in keeping women's feet warm and dry. Is anything more uncomfortable than soggy socks and cold, wet feet? Fortunately, there are a variety of waterproof boots available for both work and play. Some are flirty and fun, some are no-nonsense and functional, but they all aim to keep the water away from women's feet.

About Waterproof Boots for Women

While water resistant boots are simply coated with a material intended to repel water but can let water in, waterproof boots are designed to keep all water out. One drawback to waterproof boots is that perspiration can become trapped in the boot, so it's a good idea to seek boots that have an inner lining that can wick away moisture or boots that are made from materials that breathe. Goretex is waterproof and breathes, making it a great material for waterproof boots, however it does not insulate so if you plan to wear your boots in extreme cold conditions, you might want to go with a warmer material. Carefully read descriptions of each boot before buying to make sure it has the qualities that will best suit your needs.

Rain Boots

Who likes arriving at work or school with wet shoes and feet? A woman who has to walk in wet weather to get to where she needs to be will like rain boots that let her slosh through puddles and wet sidewalks, then change into her regular shoes once she arrives at her destination. Check out Shoebuy.com for some fun and stylish waterproof boots for women.

Work Boots

For the woman whose job includes working outside or in wet areas, the Working Person's Store has a choice of working boots as well as other waterproof boots.

Outdoor Sports Boots

Those who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors know they need to be prepared in case of stormy weather. A woman who likes to fish or hunt might want a pair of waders, hip boots or wading boots that will let her step right into a river and keep her legs and feet dry. Cabela's offers a nice selection of women's waders and wading boots perfect for hiking, hunting and fishing. REI offers many choices of waterproof boots for women for hiking and mountaineering.

Motorcycle Boots

There's nothing like zipping down the road on a motorcycle beneath blue skies and a bright sun. It's a whole other story when it's raining out, though. Ladies who like to take their motorcycles out in wet weather will appreciate a pair of reliable waterproof motorcycle boots. At Whitehorse Gear you'll find loads of motorcycle gear, including waterproof motorcycle boots.

Where to Buy

There are so many great online shops where you can find waterproof boots for women! In addition to the stores mentioned above, here are a few more:

  • Muck Boots Online specializes in 100% waterproof rubber boots. Muck Boots Online's vast selection includes boots for home, garden, outdoor, hunting, children and more. They also sell gloves, socks, garden products and accessories like boot brushes.
  • Shoes.com also has an extensive list of waterproof boots from top names like Ugg.
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Waterproof Boots for Women