Wedge Sneakers

wedge style sneakers

Wear a pair of wedge sneakers to be both stylish and comfortable.

Why Wear a Wedge Heel

Wedge heels are popular not only on sandals and dress shoes but also on sneakers. The appeal of the wedge is due to its high level of comfort and ease of wear. When wearing a shoe with a wedge heel, you can enjoy the height of the heel while still having support and stability. The thicker the wedge, the more balance you will have and the less chance you'll have of falling or losing your stability.

Where to Find Wedge Sneakers

There are many retailers that feature sneakers with a wedge heel. Check out:

Zappos has several styles of wedge sneakers to choose from such as:

  • The Puma PC Wedge Sneakers are both chic and sporty. They have a printed suede trim and a padded trim and collar for extra ankle support. They come in honey peach, burnt olive, or quarry.
  • The Parisa sneaker from Taryn Rose is an adorably, dressy wedge in a variety of colors to suit any taste. It has a smooth leather upper, and lace up front. This wedge is classy enough to wear from work to an outing. has a wide variety of sneakers to choose from including:

  • DKNY Active Sneaker is a sporty, everyday shoe. It has a mesh and faux patent upper in a modern casual wedge style with a round toe. This is the sneaker to buy if you don't want an overly sharp look.

What to Wear With Your Sneakers

Sneakers remain a popular staple in any shoe wardrobe. There are many different styles and colors to choose from and depending on the look you are after, they can be worn in a multitude of ways.

Wedge sneakers are a great alternative to plain sneakers and can look stylish while being comfortable. They are perfect to wear when running errands or going shopping with friends. Wear them with a running suit or a pair of jeans. The possibilities are endless. They go great with shorts or even a casual dress or skirt. The wedge heel looks fashionable and dresses up the look of a sneaker, making it versatile to wear.

Final Thoughts

Wedge sneakers may not be the best choice of shoe for athletics. They are not recommended for sports or fitness walking. Wear them for fashion, not for sport!


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Wedge Sneakers