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What Color of Shoes Match Grey Skirt and Pink Top

Grey women's pumps

Anyone who's ever wondered what color of shoes match a grey skirt and pink top will be happy to know that she has several options. While grey shoes seem the most obvious answer, feel free to branch out into other creative style choices.

Consider the Outfit

Before choosing the right shoes, look at your grey skirt and pink top combination. Is this outfit for the office? Or is your ensemble for a casual date night? While your shoe color choice probably won't vary much, you may find you have more leeway depending on where you're going. You can also choose your shoe color based on the shades of grey and pink. Charcoal grey is very different from pale grey, and hot pink is more vibrant and attention-getting than a soft, subtle pink.

What Color of Shoes Match a Grey Skirt and Pink Top

Once your outfit is planned, see which of these shoe colors go best with what you're wearing.

Grey Shoes

These remain the obvious and easy choice. Fortunately, women who love shoes have a great variety in their selection of grey shoes.

For the office, choose a basic pair of grey pumps or slingbacks to finish off your grey skirt/pink top combo. If your skirt falls on the darker end of the grey spectrum, your shoes should be equally dark. Opt for nude or grey stockings - black hose will look too dark, and your shoes should be darker than your stockings.

A casual skirt and top will look just as appropriate with grey shoes. Choose flats, sneakers or sandals in warm weather.

Black Shoes

Black is a good neutral if you don't have grey shoes. Again, pumps and slingbacks are good choices for a professional environment. A casual outfit can be complemented by black sandals, wedge shoes or slip-on sneakers.

If you're lucky, you'll find black or grey shoes with pink accents. You may have to search for them, but if you find a pair, they'll complement your pink and grey outfit nicely.

Pink Shoes

Plan this look more carefully because pink shoes aren't a neutral choice. They're perfect for the woman who wants to garner a little more attention, and yes, they can work for the office.A hot pink top and charcoal grey skirt can be livened up quite a bit with a pair of hot pink pumps. Wear flesh-colored stockings because you don't want to contrast with those dramatic shoes. Your feet will definitely be the focal point of your outfit.

If your pink top is a soft, pale color, pink shoes won't be as flattering - in that case, stick with grey shoes.

Plaid Shoes

If you're lucky enough to find a pink-and-grey or pink-and-black plaid pair of shoes, you may enjoy sporting these with your pink and grey outfit. Not as uncommon as you may think, you'll find plaid shoes in flats and pump styles. You can also opt for checkered patterns. Zazzle carries several casual sneaker options in pink combinations that would look good with a grey cotton or denim skirt and pink tee or other casual top.

More than One Option

The answer to the question, "What color of shoes match a grey skirt and pink top?" varies, depending on your outfit. While grey shoes are a good first choice, they're by no means your only choice. Take into account where you're going and what you want the focal point of your ensemble to be. You may end up with a pair of shoes you'd never considered before - and you may find that they finish off your outfit better than you could have ever imagined.

What Color of Shoes Match Grey Skirt and Pink Top