What Shoes to Wear with Summer Dresses

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When it comes to deciding what shoes to wear with summer dresses, women will find they have many stylish options.

Consider the Dress

Before deciding on a shoe, women should first consider the dress. Is it long or short? Casual or dressy? Trendy or classic? Once you identify the type of dress, choose a shoe that matches the type for the best overall look. You don't want to pair an ultra-casual shoe with an elegant, flowing gown, for instance. You also want to make sure the colors are harmonious.

Some shoe colors work well with a huge variety of garments. Brown and tan are good neutrals. Black shoes can sometimes be too dark and heavy for a light and airy dress; it's usually a smart fashion choice to wear strappy black sandals instead of clunky black shoes when you're in summer garb. Other shoe colors that can work well as neutrals include metallics in pewter, silver or bronze.

What Shoes to Wear with Summer Dresses

Your summer dress may be casual or office-friendly. Pairing it with the perfect pair of shoes can help you feel stylish and confident no matter where you're headed. These shoes work well with a variety of summer dresses:

  • Flat sandals may have open or closed toes. Open toes are more summery, but may not work at your job, depending on the dress code. Many closed-toe sandals will be acceptable in a work environment - look for slingbacks if they're suitable, as the open back can give you a warm weather feel. Otherwise, flats are incredibly versatile and come in endless colors and designs. Some flat sandals are basic and in a neutral color, can be worn with virtually any outfit. They'll work with maxi dresses, tank dresses, peasant dresses, shift dresses and mini dresses, as well as dresses made of denim.
  • Gladiator sandals may be too casual for the office, but work well in many other settings. Whether your gladiator sandals stop at the ankle or travel up the calf, they pair with maxi dresses, mini dresses, empire waist dresses and halter top dresses.
  • Flip flops: Slip into a pair of simple flip flops to finish off a beach ensemble, but these easy shoes also work with tank dresses, empire waist dresses and maxi dresses.
  • Summer sneakers should be lightweight. They're available in a wide range of colors, including solids and patterns such as animal print and polka dots. Some sneakers are backless like mules, while others feature a slingback type of heel. You'll also find summer sneakers with open toes. These casual shoes work with beach dress ensembles, as well as shift dresses and tank dresses.
  • Espadrilles: Although many espadrilles have closed toes, the open sides and tie straps make them perfect for summer. Heel height varies on this type of shoe, but low and high-heeled espadrilles are appropriate with maxi and mini dresses.
  • High heel sandals: For dressier summer occasions, high heel sandals will add some flair to your ensemble. A long, flowing summer dress in chiffon, linen or cotton can be accentuated nicely with open-toed high-heeled sandals, but a short shift dress will look fantastic paired with them, too. These shoes are just as appropriate at summer weddings as they are on a weekend date.

Smart Summer Dressing

Knowing what shoes to wear with summer dresses will do a lot to enhance your look. The perfect footwear combined with easy, breezy style will carry you through work and weekend all season long. Plus, while the temperature heats up outside, you'll look and feel cool as a cucumber.

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What Shoes to Wear with Summer Dresses