What Size Shoe Does Paris Hilton Wear

Paris Hilton in Nude Shoes

Paris Hilton has a striking figure and a regal posture, but a lot of us wonder "what shoe size does Paris Hilton wear?" This will probably make you feel a lot better-Paris Hilton actually has impressively large feet. She's 5'8" tall, and her feet have been recorded as a size 11, which ranks right up there with many runway models and those with lanky body types.

Paris Hilton Shoe Sizing Tricks

Many of us wonder how someone like Paris Hilton can hide the large size of her feet most of the time. It's definitely surprising that her feet look smaller in many pictures, but here are a few tricks that Paris Hilton uses to minimize the size of her feet.

  • Paris Hilton wears strappy pumps that don't show exactly how much fabric is covering her feet. That way, it's less apparent that her feet are large.
  • Paris chooses heels in darker colors to minimize the size of her feet. Black patent leather and brown pumps are two of her favorite choices.
  • Using nude heels and stilettos, Paris elongates the look of her legs, while making her feet look like they are fading into the background. She's all legs!
  • Paris wears sling-back and peep-toe heels with beautifully groomed feet, which can distract the onlooker from staring at the full foot. Slick on some red or pink polish and pumice your heel for a similar effect.
  • Slipping into extremely high heels can angle the foot enough to make it look smaller, and Paris Hilton knows that. How clever!

Buy Paris Hilton Shoes

We've covered the "what size shoe does Paris Hilton wear?" mystery, but if you'd like to shop for Paris Hilton's preferred shoes, it might be smart to start with her own shoe line. Here's where to buy it.

  • Find Paris Hilton's shoe styles at Macy's, where only the best versions have made the selection process.
  • Lastly, go to Singer 22 to shop for shoe styles that Paris Hilton herself adores. There are paparazzi pictures of her shopping and flitting in a variety of shoes that flatter her large feet.
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What Size Shoe Does Paris Hilton Wear