Wide Calf Boots

Is zipping up a bit of an issue?

Wide calf boots are a necessity for women with larger leg sizes. However, boot shopping can be a real self-esteem breaker for experienced runners with athletic legs or women who simply have a heavier frame. This is particularly sad considering that boots are a fashion staple.

Aside from more flexible styles like Uggs, which are hardly office appropriate, the majority of sleek black fashion boots are crafted for a slender leg shape. However, many manufacturers have become aware that a noticeable segment of the female population is cut off from the boot industry. Hence, certain brands now craft their boots in larger calf sizes.

In-Store Styles to Look For

If you're not Internet savvy, or you simply prefer to avoid online purchases, then all hope isn't lost for finding boots. There are certain styles that work to accommodate larger calves, although extremely large calves won't find a home in these styles either.

Stretch boots have been on the scene for approximately three years now. These boots are usually crafted from some sort of microfiber suede, and they may even run up above your knee. They will fit your leg, and the dark clinging material can create a slimming effect for your calf when purchased in black. Slouchy boot styles tend to be more forgiving as well.

Moreover, boots that are ankle length will rarely be a problem. However, this style, when worn without the covering of a pant leg, may highlight any flaws in the shape of your leg, thereby emphasizing heavy calves or bottle shaped legs. Although in the past few years celebrities have been attempting to wear booties and short boots with stockings and skirts, the unattractive effects these styles have on the legs has kept them from becoming popular anywhere else than on magazine pages.

Knowing Your Enemy

The real challenge is for women with plus-sized calves to be able to master the style that is typically classified as fashion boots. These boots are represented by the cylindrical leather stiletto boots that can be either heavy heeled or without a significant heel. Boots such as these are not yielding, and will be impossible to zip up over a heavy leg.

The saddest aspect of this is that these fashion boots are also the most slimming. After all, one of the reasons why boots have such an appeal is that they have the ability to reduce size and give the appearance of a leaner, more slender leg. This sort of effect is more needed by women with larger calves.

Where to Purchase Wide Calf Boots

Online shopping will probably be the best method for women seeking wide calf boots. Since these boots are extremely difficult to find in stores, one shouldn't fear the possibility of needing to exchange or return an ill-fitting purchase.

One place to find these specialty boots is DUO boots. Although DUO is not entirely web-based and does have stores, the shops and fitting centers are located in the United Kingdom. Don't be afraid however, because DUO is also the world's largest retailer in specialty calf sized boots. This means that many satisfied customers have been placing online orders without much ado.

DUO's main claim to fame is its products, which consist of very well crafted fashion boots. Although the price may be a bit steep for some people, these boots easily exceed the quality of Kenneth Cole.

Is it difficult to place an online order? Hardly. Simply measure the largest part of your calf (make your measurements in centimeters) and match up your calf size with your usual foot size. Check the correct boxes for your two sizes, and voila! All you will need to do is fill out your billing and shipping information. DUO also promises that for people who accidentally undersize their calves, the boots will allow for an additional 1 cm stretch.

DUO is not only the retailer of choice for wide calf boots, it is also amongst the best.

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Wide Calf Boots