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Wide width high heel shoes are a practical option for the woman who has trouble finding gorgeous footwear that actually fits. Many women can relate to the difficult task of finding glamorous party shoes for a big event or even high-heeled dress shoes for work. If your feet are wide, you can still find outstanding wide width shoe selections at many retailers.

Fantasia Wear

This footwear retailer specializes in women's high heeled shoes in wide widths, including platforms, classic pumps, and party shoes. Sizes offered range from 6-17 in heels that are on trend, such as gladiators, and shoes with dainty details such as ankle straps. For the classic woman, Fantasia Wear offers peep toe and basic styles offering versatility for any occasion. The price point of shoes costs around $35-$75.


For shoes that provide, height, comfort and room with style for wide feet, Naturalizer offers a range of choices. They carry a selection of work-appropriate heels and pumps suitable for special occasions. The sizes offered range from 4-12 in both wide and extrawide options. Whether you are looking for a power shoe for day or a casual night out trend inspired shoe, prices offered are around $25-$200.

Jessica London

Women with wide feet who love to fill their closets with modern shoes, without spending too much money, may want to consider Jessica London. Having wide feet doesn't mean having to settle for unappealing shoe choices. Whether shopping for evening shoes for a party, heeled sandals for vacation, or chic pumps for the office, there are tons of great choices available. Sizes here range from 5-13 in wide and extra wide, with prices around $20-$135.

Zaide Shootie by Comfortview®
Zaide Shootie by Comfortview®

Bida Wide Shoes

A range of fun, sexy, and sensible high heels for women with wide feet are available at Bida Wide Shoes. Those looking for jeweled. embellished, or strappy shoes will find a great selection. Ladies can find styles in sizes ranging from 6-12 in wide and extra wide and with prices costing around $40-$90.


This trendy store is a great place to find wide width shoes for the younger woman. From casual mule heels to sparkling evening pumps, those who shop at Torrid will find options in many sizes from 6-13 in wide widths costing around $20-$90.


This popular discount shoe retailer is known for its numerous styles in wide sizes with several trend-inspired looks costing around $10-$50. Whether you want something that's minimal for the office or pumped up with edge for night, there are shoes ranging in size from 5-13 in wide widths at Payless.

Ashley Stewart

Another store that caters to the fashion needs of the plus size woman, wide width shoes included is Ashley Stewart. From modern and bold styles to simple and classic, shoes are available in sizes 8-12 in wide, costing about $35-$65.

Oversized grommet sandal
Oversized Grommet Sandal


Shoe lovers with wide feet will love the plethora of designer options offered at Nordstrom. Shoe sizes here range from traditional to extended which includes 4-14 wide, ww, and ew. The price range offered includes $25-over $1,000.


Another site for shoe-loving women searching for wide sizes is Zappos. With prices ranging from $40-$650, women can find styles from a size 2-20 in brands such as LifeStride to Salvatore Ferragamo.

 Rockport Total Motion Melora Gore Cap Toe
Rockport Total Motion Melora Gore Cap Toe

Custom-Made Heels

Another shopping option for women with hard-to-fit feet is to consider a pair of custom-made heels. Retailers such as the following offer a huge range of designs that they will custom make to your size and width, and may be more affordable than you might think.

Shoes USA

If you just can't seem to find wide width styles that you like, visit ShoesUsa.com and have your shoes custom made. Finding casual heels, is your best bet at the retailer with options in sizes 2-14 in wide. Customized heel options range from around $230-$320.

Banda Platform / Heel – Design Your Own Shoe
Banda Platform Heel - Design Your Own Shoe


Women looking for unique, custom shoe looks, this online destination is another good place to have shoes custom made for your wide feet. Shoppers can expect to find shoes in sizes 4-14 wide featuring a variety of color and style options. Prices at Shoes4Stars.com ranges from about $55-$1,010.

Styles of Wide Heels

The fashion market is starting to recognize women of all shapes and sizes want fashionable footwear, and the result is that you'll find more choices in wide heel styles. Popular styles for the woman with a wider foot include:

wide strappy sandals
  • Chunky Heels: Not only are chunky heel styles trendy and modern, these can provide added stability and make it easier to balance than ultra-slim heels.
  • Platform Heels: Wearing sky-high heels becomes a much simpler feet when the shoe is a platform style or has stacked hidden platforms to make the heel higher but more stable.
  • Kitten Heels: These sexy shoes are a party-ready staple for any woman's closet and are available in wide styles.
  • Classic Pumps: The classic pump is versatile enough to be worn for work, evenings, and weekend events when you need a smart and stylish heel. Wide styles may have extra comfort features, too.
  • High-heeled Sandals: The ultimate summer time staple, a high-heeled sandal is perfect for showing off with pretty skirts and dresses. Squared toe boxes and comfy straps make wide shoes functional as well as stylish.

Finding Perfect Heels

Fortunately, finding the perfect pair of wide width heels is not as challenging as it's been in the past now that there are a number of online shoe boutiques that specialize in harder-to-fit footwear. You don't have to settle for wide width flats for a special occasion. Although department stores and standard shoe stores may carry wide styles, shop at footwear retailers that cater to wider feet for the best selection. The new crop of women's shoes is up to the challenge, meeting trends head-on and providing a bevy of options that are sure to keep your floor littered with glamorous shoes for years to come.

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