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Women's Summer Sandals

summer sandals

summertime is a season for more casual, breezy clothing, and what better to accessorize a sundress or Bermuda shorts than women's summer sandals? Sandals come in such a wide variety that you can easily own several pairs to make the most of different outfits. There are flat sandals that you slip your feet into and will keep you comfortable through a day full of walking. Or there are high-heeled versions that can be as dressy or laid back as you prefer. The choice is yours, but wearing your sandals well helps keep your entire ensemble fashionable and fresh.

Tips for Wearing Women's Summer Sandals

  • Before you put on your first sandals of the season, take a good look at your feet. After a winter spent inside socks, heavy shoes and boots, our feet can look the worse for wear when hot weather hits. Don't get caught with dry, flaky feet. You can wear the most attractive sandals in the world, but if your feet are crusty and your toenails discolored, you take away from the pretty picture.
  • Either make an appointment to get a professional pedicure or do it yourself. If you're a DIY kind of gal, a few minutes spent each day applying softening cream to your feet and a more involved pedicure once a week or every two weeks will keep your feet looking beautiful and feeling soft all summer long.
  • Wear the right sandals with the appropriate outfit. A summery white dress won't look as good with a chunky pair of black sandals. A better choice would be white or neutral colored shoes. Similarly, if you're going out for a romantic evening, wear dress sandals instead of casual shoes that you'd wear if you were mall walking and needing to stay comfortable.
  • If your feet are very small or very large, you may have a harder time finding shoes in your size. Many shoe departments stock a small amount of shoes in sizes that fall to the extremes of the sizing spectrum. If you see the perfect pair of women's summer sandals in your size, you may need to snatch them up immediately before they're gone.
  • Petite women should try and wear heeled sandals whenever possible, even if the shoes just have a small wedge. If you wear nude-colored shoes, or shoes that closely match your skin tone, they create the illusion of longer legs.
  • You may not want to spend a lot of money on thong sandals or any sandals that are likely to take a lot of wear and tear, especially if you go to the beach a lot. Because these sandals tend to be inexpensive, you could easily buy a new pair or two each summer.

Types of Sandals

Sandals come in a variety of styles to suit your different needs. Some of the sandals you'll see include:

  • Flats
  • Espadrilles
  • Wedges
  • Gladiator type
  • Flip flops
  • Slides

Finding Sandals

Choosing and buying summer sandals can be as easy as going to your favorite shop. Expect new styles to come out when the weather warms up. If you purchase several new items for your summertime wardrobe, try selecting new sandals to match. Some sites to look into for summer sandals are:

You can also check out department stores like JCPenney, Sears or Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as trendy places such as Target. Finding stylish sandals when the temperature heats up is as easy as finding bathing suits, so take your time, shop around and add a pair (or two) of new sandals to your closet.

Women's Summer Sandals