Women's Stylish Walking Shoes


Trekking around town for hours can definitely cause some serious foot pain, but a selection of women's stylish walking shoes should help. If you don't already own a decent pair of walking shoes, it's time to consider investing in one: it could help save your feet from serious pain, and it will see through a long day of holiday shopping, errand running or just about anything else on a packed agenda.

Wearing Walking Shoes

You might think you already own a reasonable pair of walking shoes. If you're thinking of those chic boots you wear on a daily basis or those cute flats you can't live without, you're on the wrong track. While those shoes are certainly great to wear on certain days (and undeniably stylish no matter what), they aren't appropriate for simply walking. Whether you walk for fitness purposes, for leisure or simply to get from point A to point B while running errands, you should have a good pair of walking shoes on your feet.

There are plenty of reasons to make this sort of investment. Walking shoes are essential for keeping your feet comfortable over extended periods of time - that is the key. They also prevent swelling and can even ensure that your calf and leg muscles aren't sore after a long day! Now think of all the times you've rubbed those aching feet at the end of the day. It would definitely be nice to avoid that in the future!

What to Look For

The ideal walking shoe is:

  • Lightweight, instead of clunky and overbearing
  • Breathable, to keep your feet dry and comfortable for hours
  • Roomy, specifically in the toe box, where you should have at least a thumbnail's width worth of space between the top of the shoe and your toes (note that all of your toes should move freely in the shoe without restraint)

Finding Women's Stylish Walking Shoes

You can expect to find plenty of women's stylish walking shoes - yes, that's right, stylish ones - that also meet these functional requirements. Being sensible doesn't have to mean sacrificing style, and that's especially true of the now-ubiquitous walking shoe. It's available in so many styles that it's nearly impossible not to find the perfect one for you. Here are a few great choices to get you started on the path to fashion-forward comfort:

  • Cole Haan has the market covered when it comes to fabulous walking shoes that actually look like something out of a fashion magazine. Low-profile flats that feature Nike Air technology make walking a dream, thanks to a cushioned support system. In addition, they're all made with the most modern details in mind - think metallic leather and optical weave details. Proper fit is essential, of course, so try them on and walk around for a bit before committing to any one pair.
  • FitFlops may offer you an intriguing alternative to the traditional walking shoe. During the cooler months, consider the label's Mukluk, a breathable little boot made with shearling that features the company's muscle-building technology in the midsole. Sure, it's not your everyday walking shoe, but you'll probably want something that will keep you exceptionally warm on those brisk days. Bonus: they're so cute, you'll probably want a pair in every color.
  • New Balance is a great option if you're looking for basic walking shoes to suit your athletic lifestyle. If you're an earlier riser who likes to get a good walk in before starting the day off, you can count on find plenty of great choices here. Look for slip-resistant styles to keep you safe even in damp conditions.
  • Privo is a one-stop shop for shoes that are as charming as they are functional. Check out the "Shoes" category for an outstanding selection of walking footwear. You'll find everything from slip on Mary Jane styles in a wide range of colors (even feminine shades like wine) to sportier styles with thick soles. Most styles boast a specially designed heel that helps reduce fatigue and a sole that massages the feet with every step.
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Women's Stylish Walking Shoes