Women's Custom-Made Knee High Boots

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Custom-made knee high boots for women are not necessarily the unachievable luxury you might imagine. In fact, with custom boots, you may end up paying less for a pair that fits you perfectly than you would for a pair of designer boots from your favorite shoe store. Knowing where to purchase and what to consider before buying can help you get a well-fitting, high-quality pair of knee boots.

Shopping for Women's Custom Knee High Boots Online

It will be the rare person who won't take an online order, even though it is more challenging to get an exact fit. Usually, they will provide instructions so that in turn, you can provide them with measurements of your feet and calves and then give thoughts as to design. While it is not as ideal as visiting someone in person, you will more than likely end up pleased.

A variety of specialty footwear shops offer custom or handmade knee high boots. These include:

Jean Gaborit

Since 1922, Jean Gaborit has been designing and crafting customized knee-high boots in their workshop in the Vendee region of France. At Jean Gaborit, leather used to make boots comes from top European or North American tanneries. Women can choose between a range of lace up or pull on styles in several colors, textures, and heel lengths starting at around $390 in sizes 36 to 47.

To assist customers with measuring their feet and calves properly for a customized pair of boots, a PDF guide is provided on the website. The turnaround time for customized boots is 10 to 12 weeks. Made to measure items cannot be returned or refunded. In the event that your boots are defective, it is advised that you take a photo of your boots, describe the defect and send them back to be fixed.

Footwear by Footskins

For handmade-to-order moccasin boot designs created by Footwear by Footskins, custom designs are made of premium deerskin or cowhide leathers, with a custom charge ranging from $50-$75 for selections offered in sizes 5-10.

To measure your feet correctly, it is suggested that you trace both feet while sitting down and measure the circumference of your feet and calf with a cloth tape measure. Orders are usually shipped in about a week. According to Footskins, while they cannot provide a return on a custom order, they are willing to work with customers and do adjustments if there is an issue with their custom order. Shipping costs to do the adjustment would be the responsibility of the customer.

For Broads

Perfect for full-figured women who have thicker legs and ankles, and also wider feet, is For Broads. The custom boots are also quite trendy for daily wear. Women with wide calfs searching for unique boots that match their personal tastes can have customized styles designed from For Broads.

The Australian-based company offers boots in sizes 6-12 with ankle and calf measurements that provide comfort and room for a proper fit. Customers shopping can figure out the best boot size for them by measuring their ankle and calf measurements with a soft measuring tape. When selecting the actual foot size, European and Australian shoe size conversions should be considered. For Broads boots cost around $320 and up. They provide a 100% money back guarantee, size exchanges, and full refunds if needed.

Charlotte Luxury

Online shop Charlotte Luxury offers customized accessories including sharp knee boots for women. Here exclusive boots are made-to-measure, to create the ultimate dream boot you want to own within your wardrobe. Sizes offered range from 35-45 and cost from about $265 to around $2,200.

Women looking to order customized boots from Charlotte Luxury can fill out their information online to include their leg circumference and foot measurements. From there, customers can select the materials they want the boots designed in, as well as the color, the sole and the heel type. Boots are typically designed within five days, although the shipment is determined based on the order. At Charlotte Luxury, all boots are final order.

Tips for Buying Your Custom Boots

Investing in a pair of boots that are unique is a major step towards owning your personal style. Before making such a purchase, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you make the best purchasing decisions.

Sizing and Measurements

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When ordering your custom boots from an online footwear company, you will need to take a measurement of your feet, calfs, ankles and shafts so that you can order your proper size and not have to worry about a pesky return process. Both Bootmakers.com and Nordstrom have a handy custom boot fit guide that can be used as a resource whether you have wide or narrow calfs, narrow feet, and so on. Overall, many boot designer and retailers suggest that you have on hand paper for tracing your feet, a pencil, and a cloth measuring tape. While taking your measurements, note what the specific requests and requirements are of the company you're purchasing from and complete your order form accordingly.

Shoes, especially boots, take time to break in, Even if you are wearing your correct size, understand that it make take a few wearings before they feel just right. If this is a constant dilemma for you, you may want to buy a half size up for maximum comfort.

What to Expect in Terms of Cost

Customized fashion often comes with a hefty price tag, and these type of boots are an investment. Custom-made styles with the additional height of knee length range from around two hundred to several hundred dollars or more.While searching for your ideal pair, you could expect to find knee boots costing around $200 from budget-friendly brands, and up to about $1600 or more from retailers such as Vogel Boots.

Consider additional fees for the care and preservation. The right pair may not come cheap, but they will last, and can be comparable or even lower in price than a pair of brand name boots. Since knee high styles are so versatile, they are an ideal choice for investing in.

Turnaround Time

Style takes time, and so will your custom boot order. The turnaround time of receiving your boots from the time you place your order could take anywhere between 2-3 weeks for domestic orders to 4 weeks or more for boots ordered internationally.

Returns and Exchanges

When ordering customized boots, keep in mind that the boots are sized specifically for you. Many boot orders are final sale, however, if there are adjustments that need to be made, your request may be accommodated. To avoid mishaps, make sure that you provide the right measurements and always double check your order before your initial purchase is finalized.

Finding a Cobbler

A major metropolitan area is always going to be the best place to find someone who can make quality custom-made knee high boots. Ideally, you want to go to someone who can take the full measure of your feet and calves, as well as assess your gait and make adjustments for comfort and balance.

  • One of the best ways to find someone is via a recommendation, and you can start online with a site such as Yelp. Even if you don't live in a city, you can still use Yelp to find a good cobbler and then contact them to see if they will take orders online or by phone.
  • The online directory Angie's List is another great resource to find local cobbler services within your city or neighborhood. Many of the listings are rated by customers which can give you an idea in the type of service you can expect.
  • Whether you have searched high and low for a cobbler in your neighborhood or city, or happen to be short on time, an online cobbler may be a great idea. Both My Shoe Hospital and Cobbler Concierge allow customers to send boots in that need to be fixed or altered.

A Worthwhile Investment

Typically, it's the woman with unusually wide calves or foot problems such as bunions who opt for custom-made footwear. This is generally the only way they will get boots that not only fit but also flatter. However, anyone who cares about both their feet and great footwear should consider the investment. The advantages of excellent fit, quality, and having a versatile, unique boot style persuade many women to go the custom-made route. Well-cared for, a classic style like knee high boots can last for decades, allowing you to get great wear out of your investment.

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