Zebra Rain Boots

Women's Zebra Striped Rain Boot

Your closet may be littered with heels, sneakers and flats galore, but it's unlikely you've got a pair of zebra rain boots in there. This shoe style may present itself as a bit of a wild child, but it's actually surprisingly versatile - and it can add a fun, playful element to your wardrobe.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

There's nothing worse for a fashionable wardrobe than a rainy day. Think of the unsightly possibilities: Drenched clothes, soaked-through shoes, wet socks. It's a miserable cycle that only ends when the weather finally begins to cooperate. Fortunately, there's fashion to be found in the most unexpected places. These days, rain gear is downright chic - everything from raincoats to umbrellas has adopted a bolder, more fashion-forward approach, perfect for the very same woman who dreads stepping out on those wet days.

Needless to say, there's a perfect shoe for a rainy day, too. Of course, you can't exactly break out your sexy stilettos or your charming ballet flats and keep your fingers crossed that you can dodge every puddle in sight. You can, though, get acquainted with a pair of adorable rain boots.

About Rain Boots

In just about every way, rain boots are simply ingenious. Since their inception in 19th century England, they've been recognized for their functionality. They protect the feet from wetness caused by everything from rain to light snow, and they're even ideal to wear in muddy conditions.

Fast forward hundreds of years, though, and they've experienced some serious growth in the style department. While even recent decades' styles were quite basic and unimpressive, newer takes are fresh and colorful, often following the latest trends and taking their cues from the runways.

Investing in Rain Boots

Rain boots may not always be considered essentials, but women who walk a few blocks to the office or generally enjoy a stroll every now and then should definitely own a pair or two. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a couple of pairs if you live in an especially rainy climate - one classic, no-nonsense color and one bright, unexpected hue will strike the right balance.

If you're not one for languid walks in the rain, no matter - the likelihood that you'll end up out there anyway at some point is pretty strong. Investing in at least one pair of rain boots is a wise idea. Whether you opt for a classic or trendy look is your choice and should be based on your overall fashion sense; if you're generally edgy and spirited in the way you dress, a bold pair may be just what you need.

Get Funky with Zebra Rain Boots

Animal prints are notoriously brash, but they're also inherently classic. They're the very definition of timelessness, yet they make their appearance on the runways season after season. Animal prints are, quite simply, a great addition to any wardrobe. They're sophisticated yet youthful, and they add a little funky flair to monochromatic ensembles in a flash.

Walking in the rain isn't exactly fun, but a pair of zebra rain boots can make the experience a bit more stylish, at the very least. Whether you're walking to the office or to the mall, they'll bring some funk and playfulness to an otherwise dull day.

Yes, that's right - you can wear your zebra rain boots to the office! Just be sure to have a pair of practical work shoes on hand to slip into when you get there. After all, there's no harm in showing off your livelier side through your fashion. Interested? Take a peek at some of these choices, ranging from reasonably affordable to high-end.

  • Target Zebra Rain Boots: With their rubber outsoles and half-inch all-terrain heels, these boots are perfect for braving the elements. Best of all, they come in at just $24.99.
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors Everett Rain Boot: If you prefer to add a little height, consider these instead. With their two-inch rubberized wedge heels, they're remarkably comfortable and serve as a suitable alternative to regular heels on a rainy day. At $98, they're an investment, but a worthwhile one if you plan to wear them often.
  • Ballard Designs Rain Boots: Who says your boots have to be completely black and white? Shake things up a bit with this bright take on the traditional zebra print. The lime green trim adds an eye-catching element, and at $65 it won't eat up your bank balance, either.
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Zebra Rain Boots