Zipper Leather Boots

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Zipper leather boots, no matter what time of year, look hot.

Finding the Right Zipper Leather Boots

It is easy enough to find the right shoe size for leather boots, but if you are buying tall leather boots with a zipper, the problem is finding the right boot that fits your ankle and leg well. You want the shaft of the boot to fit your leg perfectly. Too tight and not only will they be uncomfortable, but you may get a little "muffin top" effect on your legs. Too loose, well, that just looks sloppy and can quickly ruin any outfit. Of course, if you aren't the tall leather zipper boot kind of person, there are other styles like:

  • Ankle boots - These are also called booties and there are plenty of leather styles of these boots around that feature a zipper.
  • Calf height- Think of the height of the shaft of these boots, the same height as a typical pair of UGGS.
  • Motorcycle boots - You don't have to own or ride a motorcycle to rock out a pair of this style of boot.

What to Look For in Leather Zipper Boots

There are a few considerations you might want to make when shopping for leather boots with zippers:

  • Zipper construction - You want to try to choose boot with a gusseted zipper. A gusset is an extra piece of material around the zipper to make it stronger. Zippers take a lot of beating, especially on boots.
  • Stitching - Whether you are shopping online or in a store, always make sure you take a look at the stitching. You want to make sure that it is with quality thread (it should be relatively thick) and that the stitches lock together.
  • Heels - The type of heel you decide to get for your leather boots with zippers is really a matter of personal taste. Here are a few tips on what to look for in various types of heel design
  • No heel - If you choose no heel boots, make a note of the sole's thickness. You don't want a heel so thin that you feel every stick and stone underneath your feet when you are walking outside.
  • Stacked heel - Boot manufacturers make stacked heels out of stacked pieces of wood. Many times, less expensive boots have the look of a stacked heel, but are really plastic. Plastic heels, while cheaper, don't last as long as the real wood heels.
  • Stiletto heel - The only thing you want to think about when purchasing stiletto heeled boots is the height of the heel. How high you go is completely up to you.

Buying Zipper Leather Boots

Okay, so you already have your heart set on the perfect pair of leather boots with zippers, but where are the best places to go to find some of the hottest styles and best prices? Take a look:

  • Leather Up - This store features men's and women's motorcycle gear, and they have plenty of styles of both brown and black leather zipper boots.
  • Sheplers - Features men's ankle zipper leather boots, in case you were thinking about a gift for the man in your life.
  • Avenue - This website focuses on tall leather boots with inside zippers for plus sizes. They also have suede boots as well.
  • DSW - If you are looking for a cute pair of zipper leather boots, check out DSW for some of the best prices on shoes on the Internet.
  • Shoe Mall - You have to do just a little bit of digging to find leather boots with zippers, but with so many great deals and big markdowns on these boots, the search is worth it.

Leather boots with a zipper on the side or on the back are a basic (and classic) piece of any woman's wardrobe. Think about adding at least one brown pair and one black pair to your shoe collection, simply because these type of boots are so versatile and can be worn with just about any outfit.

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Zipper Leather Boots