Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Lightup Shoe

Why not send your child back to school in style with a cool pair of light-up shoes? These fun shoes come in various styles for both boys and girls and can add a unique touch to any ensemble.

Brands of Light-Up Shoes for Kids

Light-up shoes for kids are a fun accessory that can be worn for school and play. They come in styles from some of the top brands in footwear as well as from stores that offer less expensive choices. Some light-up styles to check out include:


Known for their stylish and trendy styles, Skechers is a favorite brand for kids of all ages. The brand includes light- up shoes for both boys and girls. Most styles run around $50. In addition to the Skechers' website, shoes from Skechers can be found at stores such as Kohl's and JC Penney's.

One light-up style to check out is the S Lights: Hypno Flash for boys. This shoe is done in cool green and black colors, has a mesh fabric upper with zigzag strap laces that make it easy to slip on.

A fun and flirty style for girls is the Twinkle Toes: Shuffle - Trendy Talk shoe. This slip-on style has a canvas upper and a glitter outer layer. It has light up accents on the toe cap that add a fun element to the overall design.

Stride Rite

Stride Rite sells shoes for babies, toddlers and kids. The shoes are made from high-quality materials and are not cheap. Most styles cost between $40 and $50. Stride Rite shoes can be purchased both online and at Stride Rite retail stores.

The Star Wars collection has light up styles for boys featuring cool characters and comfortable styling. For example, the Hyperactive Lightsaber sneaker is done in leather and mesh upper and has an alternative closure to make it easy to get off and comes in royal blue with black detailing and has a lightsaber on the side that lights up. The Star Wars collection gets rave reviews on Stride Rite's website for including wide widths, durability and superior fit.

Stride Rite's Leepz Sneaker has a light up heel and sides as well as an open mesh upper with leather details. It comes in pink and gray or pink and turquoise. Reviews on the site rate this style highly for preschoolers and those in kindergarten due to its cute style, durable quality, and great fit.


For those interested in a less inexpensive pair of light up shoes for kids, look no further than Payless. For under $25, you can find styles like the Kylo Ren Light Up Shoes for Boys. This shoe is done with a faux nubuck upper and has an adjustable strap that flashes light with each step.

Wearing Light-Up Shoes

Even though light-up sneakers are fun for kids of all ages, they are not always the most appropriate option. Some schools have dress codes that prohibit kids from wearing them since they may distract other students from learning. It is always best to check with your specific school's dress code before sending your child to school with a new pair of light-up shoes. Of course, there are also schools that allow these shoes and do not have any rules prohibiting students from wearing them to class.

Whether for school or play, lighted shoes make a fun option for kids. With a range of brands and different price points to choose from, it's easy to find a pair that fits both a child's fashion sense and a parent's budget.

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Light-Up Shoes for Kids