Babies in Boots

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About Babies in Boots

Is there any sight cuter than babies in boots? Babies love to imitate adults by toddling around in their parents' boots. However, boots do more than entertain infants. They protect little feet from injury and keep them dry and clean. Be sure to try the boots on your child before you buy them, and give him time to adjust to the feel of them on his feet.

Keeping Warm in Boots

Keeping babies warm is crucial to their health. Heat escapes faster from the head and feet, so using hats and boots is a smart, fashionable way to protect those areas. Soft-soled boots made from sheepskin, suede or other soft materials are best for infants, while toddlers who are walking can progress to hard-soled leather, rubber, or other stiff textiles.

Keeping Boots On

Splashing in mud puddles probably tops most kids' top ten lists of fun things to do. However, keeping those feet clean and dry can be challenging, especially when inquisitive babies learn to pull those boots right off. Look for boots with hook and loop snaps or elastic ankles to make keeping them on an easier task. As a plus, these styles make for easy dressing when you are in a hurry.

Playing Outdoors

Boots are not just winter footgear; many children prefer them to other footwear year round. Instead of letting kids go barefoot and risk a cut or puncture wound, pop them into a fun pair of boots. Hard soled boots provide traction and stability, which is important when infants are learning to walk. Boots are great for camping or playing tag with friends, and come in a range of heights: booties, ankle boots, knee-highs, and over the knee.

How to Wear Boots

Tuck pants into boots or slid the boots underneath the pants. Boots dress up leggings, dresses, and girly outfits and add an air of sophistication to little boy suits and ensembles. Whether you are carrying a child or letting her walk, she will look dressed up in a smart pair of boots.

Keeping Warm in Winter

Make winter activities like sledding or making snowmen more comfortable and enjoyable for your little one with a warm pair of boots. You can extend your baby's time outdoors with the appropriate outerwear that provides essential warmth and give yourself some additional peace of mind.

Why Wear Boots?

Do you wonder about babies in boots, and how they benefit from them? Boots provide ankle support and extra traction when children are beginning to walk. They look adorable and are a key to being cool and fashionable. When the cold winds blow or the rain clouds gather, boots are a guaranteed way to make sure your baby's feet are warm and dry. Whether they are pink princess boots or western cowboy boots for kids, this type of footwear is a perennial favorite with kids.

Donna Cosmato
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Babies in Boots