Fashion Fur Boots

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A pair of fashion fur boots can be quite the eye-catching investment piece for a woman who loves making a statement with her wardrobe. Though not always the most practical style, fur boots do offer women an alternative to purely functional winter boots.

About Fur Boots

A fur boot is one of the most versatile types of winter shoes available. Not only is it so much more than a functional shoe, it is available in numerous styles. Even women who normally shy away from fur can pull these boots off, because today faux fur is as commonly available as the real thing. In fact, more and more designers recognize that there is a growing segment of the population who prefer synthetic fur to real fur.

This leads to factors like pricing, which can run the gamut from extremely affordable to astronomical. Depending on your budget and needs, you can find a pair of fur boots that will fit your lifestyle perfectly and see you through an entire season in style and comfort. Conversely, you might opt for a pair of extremely fashionable fur boots made specifically for special occasions, like parties, nights out and other winter events.

What to Look For

If you're on the hunt for a pair of fashion fur boots, you might be wondering what differentiates them from other types of fur boots. The fur boot is one of the few boots that can be worn both for fashion and function. Functional styles are typically made of a waterproof material and feature just a touch of fur, usually as a foldover cuff or small accent.

On the other hand, fashion boots are not exactly made for traipsing through the snow. Fur itself is not waterproof, so it is important to choose a faux fur style if you do plan to wear your boots even in inclement weather. Even then, you probably do not want to risk damaging the synthetic material by getting it too wet. Otherwise, the sky is the limit when it comes to wearing fashionable fur boots, which you can wear both to look great and to keep warm when the weather is dry but cold.

How to Wear Fashion Fur Boots

Styling your fashionable fur boots is part of the fun. The possibilities are endless when it comes to wearing this funky footwear. Consider these tips to make the most of your stylish fur boots:

  • Go subtle. If you aren't the type to walk around in top-to-bottom boots that are as furry as a beast, opt for a style that features a mere hint of fur around the cuff or a fur lining that only just peeks out. Try them with opaque tights for a cool look that stands out without going overboard.
  • Get girly. Sure, fur boots aren't usually described as sweet and innocent, but there's no reason they can't be! Pair your fur boots with something delicate - think tulle or chiffon and a pair of tights - to amplify your outfit's femininity. The boots will contrast nicely, yet also play right along with such an outfit.
  • Take an edgy approach. No one ever accused fur of being rock star-worthy, but a pair of stiletto-heeled boots bathed in fur is one way to make an incredibly sharp statement. Try them with everything from skinny jeans to leather leggings if you're feeling particularly bold.
  • Keep them in great shape. Above and beyond anything else, fur boots - whether real or faux - lose their luster if they aren't cared for. Real fur requires regular conditioning and cleaning, and proper storage in a cool, dry location is also essential. Faux fur can benefit from spot treatments with an upholstery cleaner or mild soap and water.

Finally, take into account certain variables when shopping for your boots. How often do you plan to wear them? Are these fashionable boots strictly for winter nights out? Are they versatile enough to play well with most of your wardrobe? If you plan to wear them often, it may well be worth the expense to purchase a pair of quality high-end boots that you can confidently wear year after year.

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Fashion Fur Boots