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Styles Ideas for Thigh High Leather Boots

Sexy, fierce and a little rebellious, thigh high leather boots make a bold statement. On the runways, designers have reinvented the style with different patterns and textures. Unexpected clothing and boot pairings also offer a fresh new way to look at this ultra-sexy boot style. Shown here, a model on the Nina Athanasiou Runway shows off tan boots with dramatic black leather accents in a criss-cross design.

Sophisticated Style

Taupe boots with a polished-looking outfit create a uniquely sophisticated style. The slouchy design is trendy, and a pair of boots like these are sexy in a pretty and pulled-together way.

Bold and Exciting

The use of dramatic details can create an extremely striking look. Here black leather boots embellished with side straps are accented with bright orange and white stripes to create a footwear style that's attention-grabbing and unique. Keep outfits simple when wearing a pair of bold boots like these.

Boots with Attitude

Designed with a clear base and a creative black pattern, these boots by Mimi Tran offer an edgy, futuristic look. Boots like these are great to pair with a mini dress style for an eye-catching, rocker-chic vibe.

Pretty Contrast

Black high-heeled boots in a lace-up style, like the ones seen here by Jelena Holec, are sexy and a bit daring. The floaty, feminine outfit offers a style that is very different from that of the boots, but the pairing works beautifully for a fun and fearless look.

Sexy Western Style

The leather boots shown here, worn at the Rebecca Minkoff Fashion show, give off a western feel with their deep brown color and eye-catching fringe. The open-toe design and heels add a freshness to the style that make it feel fun and modern. Worn with a casual monochromatic outfit, the boots take center stage.

Second-Skin Boots

Boots that are as fitted as a second skin have never been hotter, and done in a thigh-high style they offer an even sexier look. Very high, fitted boots can be worn with a skirt that covers the tops of the boots for an alluring look that isn't about showing a lot of skin.

Versatile Black Boots

There's no rule that says you have to wear high boot styles with short skirts. Black boots are extremely versatile, and you can easily wear a tall style under a longer dress or skirt to get more options for incorporating them into your wardrobe. The open-toe design of these heeled boots adds interest to an otherwise simple design.

Pair Them with Simple Dresses

Since high boots are eye-catching and sexy in design, pairing them with a simple dress and a higher neckline makes the look classy and stylish. Coordinating light neutrals look fresh and pretty.

A Perfect Match

Matching your boots to a pattern or color in your outfit can keep your look coordinated and balanced, even with a bold boot style. While you may not want to show off an outfit as daring as the model has on here, you can take a cue from the look and find ways to coordinate your boots by matching them with similar clothing colors or patterns.

Fishnet Boots

A sweet floral dress provides an interesting contrast to black fishnet-style boots. If you're looking for a way to get creative with your wardrobe, pairing a feminine outfit with an edgy boot style is a simple way to do it.

Chic and Bright

A completely monochromatic look provides a striking impact when its done in a bright color, such as this red outfit with matching boots. The clean, simple lines and minimalist look of the boots are chic and modern.

Chunky Heels

Wearing chunky heels is a modern look that adds a more casual element to your outfit than high-heeled or stiletto boots. Pair them with a casual skirt, dress, or shorts for a look that shows off the boots. Whether you choose an understated neutral style, or a daring edgy look, thigh high boots offer unapparelled allure.

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Thigh High Leather Boots Gallery