Men's Summer Shoes

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Summer Footwear for Men

When the temperatures begin to soar, men are faced with the dilemma of what to wear on their feet. Summer shoe styles for men are relaxed and carefree. Sandals remain the hot trend for men, with styles that range from thongs to slides. Loafers are still a popular choice, but the ones for summer are breathable and done in soft leather. Shoe colors are more subdued and are often seen in pale shades of grey, tan and white.

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flip flop sandals
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Leather Flip Flops

Flip flop sandals in a casual brown leather are the ultimate summer shoe for men. They're perfect for kicking back at barbecues, watching outdoor games, or spending time on the beach because they pair well with shorts, jeans, cargo pants, or the most laid-back pair of khakis.

wingtip dress shoes
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Keep It Dressy

Dressy summer shoes come in styles that are reflective of the season and focus on soft shades of color. These soft grey leather shoes work well with suits and dress pants and are subtle enough to wear with just about anything.

Crocs flip flops
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Basic Slip-Ons

The ever-popular flip flop remains a summer staple for men of all ages. This summer shoe can go from the beach to the boardwalk without missing a beat. Since it is a relatively inexpensive choice of summer shoe, consider adding a few pairs in fun colors to brighten up your wardrobe this summer.

Footjoy Golf Shoes
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Out on the Green

Many men spend hours on the golf course once the weather warms up. Don't forget that the shoes that are worn for golf can make a statement all of their own. Add a snazzy pair like these to your golf wardrobe and enjoy wearing them each time you step out on the green.

memory foam sandals
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Comfort Is Key

When shopping for a summer shoe, remember that comfort is key. Nothing is worse than wearing an uncomfortable and restricting pair of shoes in the summer. Choose a pair that is stylish and allows your feet to breathe and stay cool, like these memory foam sandals that look and feel great.

dockers sandals
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Leisurely Stroll

Summer sandals come in various styles that are suitable for walking or other activities. A sporty sandal should support your foot and stay secure. Look for a style with a back strap so it stays close to your foot while walking. A sandal with a comfortable footbed and shock-absorbing sole will keep your feet happy while walking as well.

running shoe
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Workout and Play

Every man should own at least one good pair of athletic shoes. For summer, choose a pair that are done in a combination of materials, such as mesh and leather, so that they will keep your feet cool while running or jogging. Light colors like white work best for summer months and will easily match your workout clothing.

suede oxfords
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Say "I Do"

Many people choose to get married during the summer season. If you are one of lucky grooms who will be saying "I do" in the summer or plan to be a guest at a summer wedding, choose a pair of shoes that will fit into the season. Shades of white or tan are perfect for beach weddings as well as other special events.

Summer shoes for men showcase the latest trends of the season and can make or break your entire outfit. You will want to make sure that whatever shoe you decide to wear will complement your overall look and add a touch of class and style.

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Men's Summer Shoes