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Doc Martens are the ultimate cool kid's shoe. Made to last, getting a pair for your little one is a no-brainer. These shoes are seriously tough, so they can withstand any amount of roughhousing that your child wishes to put them through - and yes, even their purple Maccy Glitter mary janes are superbly durable.

Dr. Martens Kid's Size Guide

Dr. Martens sizes their kid's shoes four ways. They offer sizing in newborn, toddler, junior, and youth sizes. For your child, you will probably focus on their junior styles (youth sizes are more for tweens).

Because on the company's website they show many of the same shoes, make sure that you click on a shoe that has "Junior" in front of it. Or an easier way to browse, when on Dr. Marten's website, move your cursor over the "Kids" title and then click "Juniors (Sizes 11-4)." Be aware of these sizes when you are shopping from other retailers as well.

The Delaney Boot

A unisex boot, this is the type of shoe that Dr. Martens does best. Hitting just above the ankle, the Delaney laces all the way up with an eight-eye lacing pattern. This boot, about $60-$80 depending on style and size, comes in a stunning amount of varieties at Zappos.

  • For girls, this boot looks adorable in the Kelly floral print canvas, as well as in the patent leather red, pink, or light lilac colors.
  • For boys, this boot looks awesome in colors black, dark brown, burgundy, and navy. There is also a unique Union Jack Print for boys.
  • However, if your child prefers to stand out, this Delaney boot also comes in pink, purple, gold, and blue glitter colors.
  • It also comes in a grey iridescent sparkle, and a brown suede, just in case your fashion-forward little one is feeling extra trendy.

Styling Suggestion: These Delaney boots are so cool that they go with anything. If you are having trouble styling your child, throw these on over your little girl's leggings or tights, and she can show them off under a dress. For your little man, pair these with jeans and throw on a cardigan, or sweater, over a white button down shirt for a preppy chic look.

Dr. Martens Delaney Boot
Dr. Martens Delaney Boot

The Malky Boot

A boot made for the boys, this shoe is super sleek. Made of a lighter material than Dr. Martens are normally made of, this high-top boot is made of black canvas. This boot looks more like a sneaker, because of its comfy material, shape, and its white sole. These could actually give sneakers a run for their money because this Malky boot is faster and easier to get on with its side zipper. It also has air-cushioned outsoles and insoles for supreme comfort and support. Get it for $50 from 6pm.com.

Styling Suggestion: A note to the boys, if you want to dress up your sweatpants or joggers, throw these boots on and give your outfit a one-up.

Mary Janes

Dr. Marten's offers many mary jane style shoes, giving you plenty of options. All the styles below are priced at around $50. Your little won't be disappointed with these styles:

Maccy Glitter

These Maccy Glitter mary janes come in two fabulously glittered colors, purple and teal. These shoes come with Dr. Marten's signature sole. The innovative sole is air-cushioned and features yellow stitching and side grooves, perfect for little growing feet. These mary janes have a single strap.

Styling Suggestion: For an impossibly girly look, pair these shoes with black tights and a tutu-esque skirt.

Patent Maccy

If your little one is not a fan of those purple glitterati mary janes, try this version of the Maccy Mary Jane, which has plenty of five-star reviews. Available in an all black patent leather, these shoes are beyond cute. Their black patent leather look means they will be versatile enough to wear with many outfits. You can even send your child to school in these (they'll match her uniform perfectly).

Maccy II

Known as the Maccy II, this is a more feminine shoe. This mary jane features a black bow atop its strap, which velcros to the side for easy dressing.

Styling Suggestion: Pair these adorable mary janes with your little ones favorite dress. They look cute over polka dot tights!

Maccy II
Maccy II

T-Bar Sandals

The 8065 T-Bar Sandals are yet another pair of mary janes done right. These have two straps and feature two silver buckles instead of velcro material. They come in red, black, and patent baby pink.

Styling Suggestion: It may be cold in the winter, but with thick tights or leggings, these work perfectly and they will add a pop of color to your child's outfit. For dressy occasions, or just for fun, these T-Bar style mary janes are worth purchasing.

8065 T-Bar Sandals
8065 T-Bar Sandals

Goldie Patent

Last but definitely not least, the Goldie Patent mary jane shines with its stunning light heather purple color. This is definitely a fun shoe - its yellow stitching towards the bottom is a refreshing contrast with its patent lilac top. It's also available in versatile black on Amazon.

Styling Suggestion: These lilac stunners look great with black leggings or jeans.

Shoes That Go With Everything

Dr. Martens are the type of shoes that can literally go with any outfit. If you buy a pair for your child, especially in a neutral color, he or she will be able to wear them to school, on playdates, out to family dinners, and even dressier events like birthdays. Simply put, Dr. Martens is not a name you want to overlook when shoe shopping with your child.

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