Beach Wedding Shoes

The Right Beach Wedding Shoes

Choosing the right beach wedding shoes depends on the tone and atmosphere of your ceremony, where the vows will actually be read (on the sand or on a boardwalk, for example), and personal style. See these ideas on the perfect footwear for a beach wedding.

Heels or No Heels?

If your wedding ceremony actually takes place on the sand, heels probably won't work. However, if your ceremony is held in view of the beach, or on a stone path, boardwalk, or other firm surface, a pair of strappy sandals with heels will look beautiful in the balmy beach atmosphere.

Wedge Heel Wedding Shoes

Another option for brides who want a slight heel that works even on the sand is a shoe with a slight wedge heel. You can find wedge heels in many styles, including pretty flip flops and sandals, that work perfectly for a casual beach wedding.

Slingback Flats

White or metallic slingback flats have a summery yet still dressy feel. A flat style won't cause the bride or bridesmaids to sink into the sand, but can offer a bit more sophistication than a flip-flop.

Basic Flats

Basic flats are another simple and practical alternative for beach brides. Since sand, wind, and water could possibly damage shoes, choosing a pair of inexpensive white flats can be a great solution. A plain style can also suit an informal beach wedding perfectly.

Bright Shoes for Beach Weddings

Since beach weddings may incorporate the use of bright or tropical colors, a bride may choose to wear a brightly colored sandal or shoe. A bright color could be casual or sophisticated, depending on the style of the shoe, so brides with either type of wedding can consider color for their beach footwear.

Beachy Sneakers

A very casual beach wedding can incorporate fun footwear, like pretty sneakers for the bride and bridesmaid.

Pretty Slides

A pair of pretty slides can also work well for brides and bridesmaids at a beach wedding. They are easy to slip on and off as needed, and many styles have come in metallic colors and with delicate accents that make them wedding-worthy.

Groom's Beach Shoes

Many men choose to wear standard dress shoes for a beach wedding, and slip them off after the ceremony. If the groom's wedding attire is more casual, loafers are also a popular option.

Bridal Party Flip-Flops

Flips-flops are also popular for the entire bridal party. Floral styles or embellished flip-flops can be worn by the bride and bridesmaids, and the groom and male attendants can wear casual leather styles. Carefree but attractive, flip-flops embody the relaxed style of many beach weddings.

Barefoot Bride

Whatever type of wedding shoes the bride, groom, and bridal party ultimately wear, they often kick off their shoes and simply celebrate in bare feet. With a little forethought, the wedding party can look fantastic in their footwear, and then just enjoy the reception in a fun and relaxing way.

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