Blue Bridal Shoes

Something Blue

Blue bridal shoes might be worn for several reasons. Whether a bride wants to make her shoes the "something blue" of the old wedding adage, the color blue is part of her wedding scheme, or she just wants to wear something different than traditional white shoes, blue shoes are available in a wide range of styles, heel heights, and shades for any bride.

A Touch of Blue

One way to incorporate blue into wedding shoes is by choosing a pair that has delicate touches of blue. Lovely blue embellishments can look lovely without looking too dramatic or making the blue shoe obvious. Blue floral details, faux jewels, or metallic accents are all available on women's shoes.

Medium Blue Bridal Shoes

For a warm-weather wedding, a slingback or peep-toe shoe has less drama than a standard pump in the same color. This would allow a bride to choose a medium blue tone for her shoe without all the attention being drawn to her feet.

Pale Blue

A pale or icy blue is a lovely color for a wedding shoe, especially for a spring wedding. Soft and pretty, a light blue pump, sandal, or even ballerina flat could be worn by the bride who wants a softer shade of blue for her wedding footewar.

Going for Drama

For a winter or evening wedding, a bride could pull off a darker, more dramatic shade, such as navy, in her shoes. A darker blue hue can also work well if it is one of the wedding colors. If the color appears in the wedding flowers or as an accent in the bride's dress, the effect will be pulled-together and polished, even with a darker shade.

Trendy Two-Toned Blue

What's a girl to do if she can't decide between two shades of blue? Wear them both! A two-toned blue shoe can look trendy and unique while serving as the bride's "something blue."

Coordinating Blue

A bride may want to wear a rich blue to coordinate with the wedding colors. Many bridal shoes can be dyed to match the wedding colors for the bride or bridesmaids so the colors coordinate perfectly. Styles in dyeable shoes range from classic pumps to wedges to pretty strappy sandals.

Casual Blue Wedding Shoes

There are many styles of more casual blue women's shoes that can work well for a more informal wedding. Lace-up flats, wedding tennis shoes, or even flip flops could be worn by the bride who wants to show off a blue shoe even for a less formal wedding.

Be Original

With the wide range of styles and shades in blue ladies' shoes, a bride can easily incorporate her "something blue" in her footwear while still maintaining her own original style sense.

Wedding shoes don't always have to be white; from simple flats to stunning heels, there are many choices in blue bridal shoes for the modern bride.

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Blue Bridal Shoes