Jeweled Flip Flops


Why settle for plain when you add a touch of sparkles to your feet? Show off your pedicure this summer in a pair of jeweled flip flops. They come in a range of styles and colors, which makes them an option for any woman to consider.

Where to Buy

Mass retailers like Walmart and Target have inexpensive options available, whereas small boutiques and specialty stores feature options that are more pricey. Other places to find flip flops include department stores, stores such as Old Navy and Hollister, as well as shops that sell beach wear.

Online stores that specialize in jewel-emebellished flip flops include:

  • Dini's: This Los Angeles based footwear shop specializes in jeweled Havaianas.
  • OKA b: Focusing on comfy shoes with style, this "spa meets street" store has a wide range of cute flip flops with stones and gems.
  • Zappos: The big advantage to shopping in this store is the wide variety of options from wedge flip flops to ergonomically designed jeweled flip flops.

They can also be found online at sites such as Amazon and Bellisima Bridal.

Popular Brands

There are many brands that include jeweled styles in their collection. Some styles to check out are:

Yellow Box

Yellow Box features a variety of flip flops that are embellished with jewels and other decorative accents. The line has unique styles that are unlike any other such as. A cute jeweled style is the Yellow Box Scalia. It comes in several colors and has rhinestone and jewel studs along each strap.

Flippin Fabulous

Nomad offers fancy colorful flip flops that appeal to women of all ages. A jeweled style to check out is the Spark - Black Zebra. The sole is creatively designed with zebra strips while the straps are embellished with rhinestones.

For the Bride

Many brides are turning to a flip flop as a choice of wedding shoe. Whether it is for a beach wedding or to wear after the ceremony, flip flops are an option to slip on and look cute. Some brides decide to wear them as their main shoe and look for a style that will sparkle and shine as they walk down the aisle. Jeweled styles for the bride include:

  • Crystal Flip Flops from Advantage Bridal are simple and elegant with crystal-encusted straps on a white flip flop.
  • Wedding Factory Direct's bridal flip flops are done in ivory and accented by Swarovski crystals. It is designed in a wedge style.

Make Your Own Pair

If you are creative, consider making your own pair of jeweled flip flops. The process is quite simple. All you need is a pair of plain flip flops, glue, ribbon and faux jewels. To begin, wrap ribbon around the straps of the flip flops and secure the ends with glue. Take the faux jewels and arrange them anyway you please along the ribbon. Glue each jewel in place and allow to dry before wearing them.

Fun and Flirty Styles

Jeweled flip flops come in almost any color of the rainbow and can be accented with fun jewels and other embellishments. Some styles with jewels are simple and may contain one large stone, while others may have jewels the entire length of each strap. There is no set standard for what a pair can consist of. It is up to a woman's personal taste to determine what type she prefers. For those who want to make a statement, choose a pair in a bold color, such as red or orange, and let the flip flop be the focal point of your outfit. For an understated look, choose a simple white or black pair embellished with stones that are the same color. This look adds sparkle, but will not overpower what you are wearing.

Flip flop with jewels come in styles such as:

  • Flats
  • Wedges
  • Platforms

Wearing Jeweled Flip Flops

A summer staple for many women is a pair of flip flops. With so many styles and colors available, there is no reason to choose a plain pair. Flip flops with faux jewels can be worn with anything from jeans to a bikini, which makes them the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe that will instantly dress up whatever you are wearing.

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