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Whether you're someone who rides bikes for leisure, sport or fitness, your cycling experience begins with the proper footwear support. All forms of bike riding are different and require various levels of intensity. The extra support that biking shoes provide while feet are motioning on the pedals is imperative for a functional bike ride. Today's footwear brands offer a range of styles and designs to give you the best cycling experience possible.

Best Cycling Shoes for Women

If you have been searching for the best shoes for your cycling needs, here are eight of the top shoes on the market today to help you make your choice a little easier.

Louis Garneau Women's Multi Air Flex Shoe

Indoor cyclists rave about the Louis Garneau Women's Multi Air Flex Shoe according to reviews on Amazon. The cycling shoe is ventilated throughout the design on both the outside and the inside with an EVA insole for flexibility and cushioning to prevent overheating. To keep the heel in place and the foot supported, the HRS-80 retention secures the foot while pedaling. The Louis Garneau Women's Multi Air Flex Shoe costs about $100. With a 4.5 star rating, this cycling shoe for women is a favorite.

Pearl Izumi Women's Elite IV Road shoes

Competitive bike racing requires shoes that have great power transfer while in motion. The Pearl Izumi Women's Elite IV Road shoes rivals many of the high-end shoes tested by Gear Institute. The design is great for women who don't have narrow feet, and find it difficult to secure the fit around mid-section of the foot. The mesh paneling included within the design offers great ventilation. Women shopping for the Pearl Izumi Women's Elite IV Road shoes can expect to pay around $200.

Pearl Izumi Women's Elite RD IV Cycling Shoe
Pearl Izumi Women's Elite RD IV Cycling Shoe

Five Ten Freerider Sneaker For Women

The winter elements don't have to get in the way of women's biking activities in the cold. The Five Ten Freerider Sneaker are made of shock absorbing rubber, breathable suede leather and a footbed made of compressed foam. Stylish enough to wear off the bike and durable when braving the cold temperatures, the Five Ten Freerider costs about $80. Although it is praised by Cycling Ninja as durable and one of the seven best bike shoes, one con of the style is that the laces are very long, so you may want to shorten them before going for a ride.

Mavic Scorpio Shoe For Women

Women who are engaging in cross country bike rides and looking for the right fit will love the Mavic Scorpio Shoe. According to Cross Bike Review, the Mavic Scorpio Shoe is accommodating to a range of foot shapes. The bike shoe has a padded heel cup and mesh panels providing comfort and fit. Mavic Scorpio Shoe costs about $110.

Mavic Scorpio Cycling Shoe
Mavic Scorpio Cycling Shoe

Top Bike Shoes for Men

Men need the right comfort, support, and flexibility when cycling, too. There are plenty of great options to choose from in terms of style and function.

Shimano M200 Shoe For Men

Men hitting the mountains looking for comfort and support from a bike shoe should take note of the Shimano M200 Men's Shoe. This all-weather mountain bike shoe is made with a speed lace system, a toebox, and padded ankle support for vigorous rides. Beyond riding or racing through the mountains, the pedal and shoe system covers most riding styles as reported by Dirt Mountain Bike. The Shimano M200 Men's Shoe costs about $110.

Shimano SH-M200 Shoes
Shimano SH-M200 Shoes

Giro Grynd Cycling Shoe For Men

Men hitting the indoor bikes for a cycling workout should consider the performance of the Giro Grynd shoes. The 2-bolt cleat design has a molded EVA footbed with medium arch support. No need to worry about your laces coming loose as you cycle your heart away during your workout, thanks to the laced closure with a strap that holds the laces in place. Selected as a top indoor cycling shoe by Top Fit Hub, the Giro Grynd costs around $120.

Fizik K1 Uomo For Men

Men competing in triathlons need a biking shoe that will attach to the pedals for stability, power, speed and comfort. The Fizik K1 Uomo has a custom moldable insole made by Spides and is designed to support the arch and heel. Selected as a top bike shoe style by Bycicle Touring Pro, the Fizik K1 Uomo provides ventilation, water resistance, and a strap design that are designed to ensure smooth transitions. Those shopping for the Fizik K1 Uomo can expect to pay around $130.

Fizik Men's K1 Uomo Triathlon Cycling Shoes
Fizik Men's K1 Uomo Triathlon Cycling Shoes

The Scott Road Shoe For Men

Men looking for a good pair of recreational touring bike shoes will like the Scott Road shoe. According to Bike Soup, the bike shoe style is slender, light and breathable with a roomy fit. The Scott Road shoe comes with a removable insole to tweak the fit and costs around $80.

Get the Right Bike Footwear

For any type of cycling you are involved in, there are top performing shoes for every level. For safety and function it is important that you have something that will help you get the most out of each cycling experience. When shopping for bike shoes, selecting a pair that will be an effective part of the workout or activity is mandatory for a precise flow of pedaling. Making an investment in high-quality bike shoes will make all the difference in your overall comfort and enhance your exprience.

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