Stiletto High Heel Dress Shoes

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Women who seek some extra height and serious glamour from their footwear will likely adore stiletto high heel dress shoes for special events. These shoes add a touch of edgy style to any woman's wardrobe.

About Stiletto Heels

The ubiquitous stiletto heel is one of those fashion inventions that often divides women into two camps. There are those who love the long, lean heel, wear them daily and can't get enough of being a few inches taller - even if that means suffering a bit to look fabulous. Then there are those who feel the brunt of the pain from that heel, often in the form of foot problems like pressure or bunions.

Stilettos are widely available from all types of designers, ranging from inexpensive to high-end versions. There is certainly no dearth of varieties available, so women who seek a shoe for any purpose - whether it's the office, a party or a much more formal affair - should have no trouble finding one that fits their budget.

Wearing Stiletto High Heel Dress Shoes

Given their natural elegance, stilettos are extremely appropriate for dressy occasions. There is simply something about the sexy stiletto that makes it perfect for complementing a glamorous ensemble, whether it's a special pantsuit, a mini dress or an evening gown. Of course, many dressy stilettos are also versatile enough to wear with jeans or everyday trousers as well. That's the beauty of this type of shoe; it isn't limited to just one aspect of a woman's wardrobe.

If you're shopping specifically for a dressy stiletto heel, you'll want to consider a few tips:

  • You can't go wrong with black. A black stiletto heel is essentially the Little Black Dress of the fancy shoe world, and it is versatile enough to go with almost anything.
  • Dressy looks can certainly benefit from other colors, though. Try red, which is enigmatic and powerful, or opt for sexy metallics like gold, champagne or silver, all of which add incredible glamour to even the most toned-down looks.
  • Material makes a big difference. Stiletto shoes are already standouts, but special occasions call for satin and glossy patent leather.
  • Prints are a bit too playful for most dressy affairs, but it does depend on the occasion. An Emilio Pucci stiletto in tropical colors, for example, may be just right for a party at a Miami club or a sultry summer fete, but an understated shoe is otherwise a more polished choice.
  • Embellishments, on the other hand, are ideal for dressy affairs. Look for details like rhinestones, sequins, crystals, rosettes and bows; all of these increase the shoe's glam factor exponentially, and often it's these little embellishments that make the show the most appropriate choice for the event.

Your Comfort

As fabulous as they look, stiletto high heel dress shoes can be uncomfortable. Many women do suffer through scrunched up toes, sliding feet and various other aches and pains, though, all in the name of beauty. There are a number of solutions available that might alleviate some of that discomfort:

  • Wear reinforcements. If your feet tend to slide forward after a while, you may benefit from a pair of cushions for the balls of your feet or soles. If the back of your shoe irritates your skin, a pair of cushions can reduce friction. The Foot Petals brand carries a wide range of these comforting pads.
  • Opt for a "low" stiletto, or one in the three-inch range. It's still elegant, but your feet do less work in the long run and may not hurt as much at the end of the night.
  • Wear the right size. Are your feet narrow or wide? If so, shop for shoes made specifically for your foot type. Don't ignore your foot's natural shape; just because it fits when you first slide it on doesn't mean it will feel very good after hours of walking around and dancing. Also bear in mind that feet tend to swell after a few hours.
  • Avoid them completely. If you simply can't wear stilettos - maybe they're too painful or you just can't walk in them - then opt for a shoe with a low-profile heel instead. There are plenty of dressy choices available that don't cause pain.

Shopping Tips

If you're searching for a "forever" stiletto, don't be afraid to shop big. Look to brands that are most comfortable on your feet, take your time testing them out in store and treat them as investments. If the stiletto is merely for one special event, though, and you don't normally wear these types of heels, opt for a more affordable shoe that is comfortable and elegant. You'll find plenty of options at stores like DSW and Off Broadway Shoes.

Remember, comfort is key. Without that, you might look great - but you'll feel awful. Treat your feet with respect and enjoy the special occasion no matter what you end up wearing.

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