Wide-Width Flat Shoes

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Finding flat shoes in a wide width can be slightly challenging, but there are some brands that specialize in wider shoes without heels. Perfect for work and many casual occasions, flats are a necessity for any woman, no matter what the width of her foot is.

Brands to Look For

Depending on the style of flats you are seeking, there are many brands that make shoes in wide widths. Having an idea of the style of flat you are seeking will direct you to the right brand. While flats in wide widths can be more elusive than their standard, medium-width counterparts, they are available. Knowing where to turn is the first step in tracking down your next pair of flats.


Most of the Rockport collection comes in wide width, so you are guaranteed to find something stylish. Rockport is especially known for designing comfortable shoes, and they offer a 30-day "walkability" guarantee. If you don't find their shoes comfortable, you can return them. You'll find ballet flats, Mary Janes, and loafers in the Rockport collection.

Munro American

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Munro American is one of those rare designers that offers a variety of flats and other shoes in several widths - including wide and double wide. Aside from the fact that they sell the rare double-wide flat shoe, two things stand out about Munro American. The first is the variety of styles that you'll find. You can buy loafers, saddle shoes, ballet flats, stylish flats for the office. . .if you can conceive of it in a flat shoe, chances are good that Munro American sells it. The other helpful feature of Munro American is that they offer you an online fitting guide that thoroughly explains how feet are fitted so that you can be sure and choose the best shoes for you regardless of what style you're looking for.


Softwalk, as its name might imply is known for well-designed, comfortable, walking shoes. Don't shop here if you're looking for classic ballet flats or other styles that don't really support the foot. However, if you're looking for clog-style flats, Mary Janes, or slip-on flats with thicker soles, Softwalk might have just what you need.


You won't find any frumpy shoes at Trotters. From slingback flats to slip-ons to embellished ballet flats, Trotters offers a wide variety of shoe styles in wide and double-wide widths. A rare find among wide-width shoes, Trotters has a little something for everyone's tastes.


Cole Haan

Originally know for its men's footwear designs, Cole Haan has made a name for itself with designer women's shoes. You will not find a huge selection of wide sizes at Cole Haan. However, what you do find will be classy, upscale and stylish. The collection for women with wide feet includes ballet flats with basket weave texutre, and a Mary Jane ballet shoe.

Stuart Weitzman

This high-end retailer is known for his particularly whimsical and sophisticted shoes. A Stuart Weitzman shoe is more like a work of art for the feet. Consequently, his flats for wide feet still incorporate that whimsical flair, made from the same luxurious materials as the rest of his shoe line. If you're looking for something sophisticated, city-chic, and classy - look for the Weitzman name. Many flats include alligator or animal prints, buckles or other embellishments to make the shoes stand out as flirty and fun

Where to Shop

Your best bet for shopping for wide-width styles is online. While you can find the ocassional wide-width in a department store, it is more likely that you'll find exactly what you want, in the style that you want if you order it online. With that said, if you need to go to a store to see the shoe, and they don't have it in the right width, ask the store to special order it for you.


Zappos is leader in online shoes shopping. Zappos entire busiess model is based on providing great service. With shopping perks like next day delivery and a 365 day guarantee, Zappos is a leader in online shopping. For shoes, Zapoos features a search-by-width option which allows you to figure out what they have in stock in the size that you need.

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Avenue is actually a store for plus-sized women. You are not likely to find the higher-end brand names here, but if you are looking for something that won't break the bank, this is the place to go. Noted for a broad selection of flat shoes in wide widths, you are sure to find a shoe for that hard-to-match dress.


What makes DSW stand out from the crowd is the incredibly large selection of shoes they have to offer. Brand-name designers at discount prices in a variety of styles that's sure to please everyone, makes DSW a 'go-to' place for many. The downside is that since wide styles are more rare, your selection might be limited. However, what you do find is sure to be at a great price, thus it's worth at least looking.

How to Choose Your Wide Width Flats

When you are measuring your feet for sizing, measure in the afternoon if at all possible. Feet swell as the day goes on, and by shopping later in the day, you'll get a feel for how the shoe will feel even after a long day, and you are likely to get a better fit.

Also, take care to make sure the shoe is long enough. It may be wide enough, but if it doesn't fit in length, it won't be comfortable. Test that the shoe is long enough by finding the tip of your big toe with your thumb. You should have a thumb's width of room between the front of the shoe and your toe.

Finally, make sure you take a few minutes to walk around in your shoes when you try them on. While soft leathers and fabric shoes may stretch a bit, it is important that the shoe fits properly to begin with. Remember the golden rule of shoe shopping; if the shoe isn't comfortable in the store, it won't be comfortable out of the store.

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